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Zafar: "World's most unpredictable team has got all the momentum just before the mega event. Watch out for Pakistan"

Azam: "Perhaps, Misbah wants to score a ton in his last ODI."

Morgan says, 'We were 20 runs short of a good score. 265 would have been a good score. Gary Ballance played well. Anderson swung it both ways. I would have liked an extra seamer, but we did well to get it this far. The guys were put under the pump, we were tested and that was what I wanted going into Saturday.'

'It is obviously important to win games. Winning is always a habit.' says Misbah. 'The boys bowled well with the new ball. Yasir Shah bowled really well and Sohail Khan executed yorkers well in the death overs. This is a good confidence booster. Things are getting in good shape. We have show good character against India. It is all about pressure. Who handles the pressure well will win.'

Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad swung the new ball, reducing Pakistan to 43 for 3. However, the middle-order, led by Misbah, came to the party. Misbah and Haris performed the juggling act of rebuilding the innings without losing track of the asking rate. After Haris was undone by Tredwell, Umar Akmal combined well with his captain to power Pakistan forward. Afridi finished the chase with back-to-back fours.

Broad to Shahid Afridi, FOUR runs, dropped and Afridi seals it for Pakistan. On a length and outside off, Afridi smashes it over mid-off, the fielder there leaps up and gets a hand to it, but the ball bursts out. He can only parry it away to the boundary
Broad to Shahid Afridi, FOUR runs, pitched up and on middle, Afridi loads up for a big hit. He does not get hold of it, but connects well enough to lift it over the covers
Broad to Shahid Afridi, no run, pitched up and just outside off, driven into the covers

Dan: "Poor Misbah, looked like he will hit 100 today but not enough runs by opposition team"

Broad to Shahid Afridi, no run, banged in short and climbs outside off, he can't ramp it over the slip cordon
Broad to Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 run, fullish and on off, wristed in front of square on the legside for a single

48 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | PAK: 243/6 (8 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.06, RRR: 4.00)

  • Shahid Afridi0 (2b)
  • Misbah-ul-Haq90 (98b)
  • JM Anderson10-0-42-2
  • CJ Jordan9-0-51-1
Anderson to Shahid Afridi, no run, pitched up and outside off, Afridi lays into a drive and finds the man at the covers

Pakistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2Nasir JamshedAhmed Shehzad
2nd8Younis KhanAhmed Shehzad
3rd33Younis KhanHaris Sohail
4th35Misbah-ul-HaqHaris Sohail
5th133Misbah-ul-HaqUmar Akmal
6th32Misbah-ul-HaqSohaib Maqsood
7th9Shahid AfridiMisbah-ul-Haq