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JJ Bumrah Bowler
YS Chahal Bowler
S Dhawan Batsman
MS Dhoni †Wicketkeeper
KM Jadhav Allrounder
KD Karthik Batsman
V Kohli (c)Batsman
Kuldeep Yadav Bowler
B Kumar Bowler
A Nehra Bowler
MK Pandey Batsman
HH Pandya Allrounder
AR Patel Allrounder
KL Rahul Batsman
RG Sharma Batsman

Scorer: Sanjay Murari | Commentator: Nikhil Kalro

8.25pm So that's it for India v Australia, it's an awful way for the series to end, with the series tied and no play because of a soft outfield in Hyderabad. The Australia players will head back, possibly for the JLT Cup, while India prepare for the limited-overs series against New Zealand in nine days' time. Feel free to switch tabs to the Pakistan game, where an interesting chase is on the cards. On a disappointing evening, all I can say is goodbye, have fun, and have a safe Diwali everywhere in the world. Bye, bye.

8.20pm The game has been called off.

The umpires and the players had a chat and the officials were clearly authoritative, which is the right way to go, the outfield is so sodden that there was no real chance of play despite no rain for quite a while.

8.10pm Still not much news. The players and the officials have headed inside. At least, there is some cricket somewhere. The scorers at the ground announce that the occupancy is 29,851. Arun tells me the groundstaff have put in tireless work over the last few hours, which is a shame if nothing comes off it.

7.55pm Still nothing to report. I don't see how an hour can make a big difference to the state of this outfield. It could remain sodden for a few hours, maybe even through the night. Anyway, we continue to wait.

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Hamen Gupta: "Umpires are right to keep delaying the match, they know they can't have a game on this outfield now or in two hours time. They would have spoken to the captains and for crowd's sake agreed to play a 5 over game. " Not entirely implausible.

Snehil: "The only headline which is more frustrating than match delayed by rain is match delayed by a wet outfield."

Azeem Ahmed: "Let's have a football match. The new red card rule could be used."

7.40pm We're just about to have an inspection, but looks like the covers are coming on, sitting adjacent to the pitch presently. Ten minutes of rain and this game is done. Arun tells me it has got very windy, but no rain. Some of the stands look packed. The covers have now covered the main surface.

Mohdazimshah: "Start game in rain" Frustration.

7.15pm Virat Kohli, Davd Warner and all the umpires and officials are having a chat. The match referee Richie Richardson is the only person speaking. There will be a pitch inspection at 7.45PM local, which means we should start losing overs quite soon.

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Anand: "A lot also depends on the local cricket administration. Look at Eden Gardens for example. There were times when a little rain would result in a wash out. That has changed in Ganguly-led CAB. Remember the India-Pak World T20 game in Kolkata? Local associations need to take a lead if they want to improve the quality of the outfields. "

Amar: "I don't understand why there is a pitch inspection scheduled in another 45 minutes. The safety of the players should be paramount. It will only be a matter of when, rather than if someone will injure themself"

7.00pm The umpires are out there, prodding their feet into the outfield. As they do, the outfield seems to crumble under their soles. Not good signs at all. Big indentations created by just a shoe. You don't want your knee going in there.

Sourodeep Ghosh: "Eden Gardens & Wankhede are probably the best drainage equipped grounds in Ind..The whole outfield is covered when it rains in Kolkata" Bengaluru pretty good now too.

Kapil Baldawa: "As a localite, its sad to see the condition of the outfield as it hardly rained today and if the outfield cannot dry in 24 hours, then its not a good sign especially the preparations need to be questioned as ground could have been fully covered considering a match was to be played today"

Siddhesh V: "Genuinely curious, but why do so many stadiums across the world seem to have poor covering for outfields? Is getting the entire ground covered (as opposed to the main pitch alone) really that expensive? Really not sure why the basic infrastructure is not in place, and even more so in India where the BCCI is supposed to be a cash rich body." Has to do with what's under the grass too, not just the covering. Many outfields are sand-based.

6.45pm Tennis fans can head over to our sister site where you can watch Roger Federer in action at the Shanghai Masters. I don't mind if I do, either.

The outfield looks in really bad shape. Sawdust has been scattered across the ground, but it still looks really soft underfoot. Should it rain - and there is 47 percent chance of it - then the likelihood a game taking place will be next to none

6.20pm Another update: It's presently dry at the Uppal Stadium. The pitch is uncovered, but we may not have a full game. We will have an inspection at 7 PM.

Arun Venugopal has more: Hyderabad has experienced unprecedented rainfall over the last two weeks or so, but the Uppal Stadium seems thoroughly ill-equipped to deal with it. The outfield, for instance, is always left uncovered. The groundsmen were seen drying parts of the outfield using pedestal fans last evening.

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Gautham: "@Issac: Before re-invention, it needs some common sense as well. The Southern part of India has rainfall aplenty this time of the year every year. Just takes some extra thought into scheduling and it'll all be fine!"

6.15pm "We still don't know how long it's going to take, but the groundstaff is pouring sand on the outfield and levelling it," says Arun V.

Meanwhile, here's the preview.

Issac: "With the Global Warming and Climate Changes - Cricket is going to be the biggest victim. Without a set pattern in weather, Cricket may get killed." Industrialisation, globalisation, boo.

Kris: "Since it's raining cats and dogs there, DLS may convert the cricket game into a swimming race! After all who knows DLS well!?" Why not.

Issac: "Like hockey - cricket needs re-inventing, to become weather-proof! Astro-turfs, closed stadiums - else, with the way weather all over the world is changing - scheduling Cricket matches will become a trial of luck!"

Asif: "Hoping to see a mature innings from Maxwell this game - he really hasn't put together an innings of substance this whole tour. Given his IPL experience, I'm guessing he would have wanted more from himself..."

6.05pm We're in for a delay this evening. Arun says the outfield looks "really tired and weather-beaten", and we're likely to have a delayed start. Yet unconfirmed, but an inspection may be scheduled for 7PM. Will get that confirmed for you, asap.

Here is how the rain is travelling, according to:

Shyam: "I'm from Hyderabad, 25km away from the stadium. It has been raining here for 20 mins, though it was a sunny day. "


Ashish: "I live in the city and it's raining cats and dogs. Seems like we're in for a washout"


Teja: "I live only few minutes away from the stadium. Its raining cats and dogs here. From what i can see, chance of a match look slim to none."

Surendra : "Advantage Australia - it is their captain's home ground. "

Rajesh: "I think KL Rahul should play in place of out of form Manish Pandey"

Vikram: "It will be intriguing to see batting average of Manish Pandey while batting first and batting second. As far as I remember he fares better when team is chasing.Manish surely needs to rectify this.Hoping to see him bat today. It will be harsh to drop him. He can be permanent number 4."

6.00pm It's the final match of a tough tour for Australia. We move from north to south, in Hyderabad, for the T20 series decider. India blanked Australia in game 1, but were subsequently routed in game 2, setting up what should be an enticing finale. Expect plenty of hitting, but not much giggling, particularly when these two sides face off.

Arun Venugopal, from the ground, has an early update: "The heat and humidity of the afternoon have made way for those menacing dark clouds. There's forecast for rain"