9.30 pm That's all from the Big Bash League on the first day of 2018. Two exciting matches, and here's how the points table looks after today. We'll be back with more BBL tomorrow. Until then, it's Sreshth Shah signing off. Good bye!

9.25 pm What a game this has been. Sixers started their defense of 168 very well, with two early wickets. But then it was a Klinger special, assisted by Turner and then the debutant David, that takes the hosts back to first on the points table. The Scorchers keep their strong run at home intact, while the Sixers slip further. That was their fourth loss in as many games.

Abbott to Voges, SIX runs, It's all over! Waist-high full toss on off stump that Voges looks to slog over midwicket. Takes the top edge and flies over the bowler's head for a maximum! Perth Scorchers win by six wickets.

Saurabh: "mistakes! mistakes! from botha. He, himself, is very good bowler, can't go on more than one over. With so many bowlers in the team, what is the need of maddinson to bowl(gone for 14), even somerville was doing well, what is the need to take off him from attack?? to bowl in last phase(15-20 overs,), his last over (16the over) gone for 16 runs. Poor bowling changes. Once again, this comment is not going to publish.. still trying , might be 1000th times. "

Abbott to Voges, 5 wides, unbelievable start to the final over! Full toss down the leg side and Nevill can't intercept either! That's five free runs and Scorchers now need four

Scorchers need nine to move to first. Sixers need to defend eight for their first win of the season. Abbott the man to bowl the final over.

19 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | PS: 159/4 (9 runs required from 5 balls, RR: 8.36, RRR: 9.00)

  • TH David17 (10b)
  • AC Voges0 (0b)
  • DR Sams3-0-25-2
  • SA Abbott3-0-31-0
Sams to David, SIX runs, shot of the day! Full on middle as he misses the yorker length, check-drives over the bowler's head and it's off the middle of the bat. Powerfully struck, and it hits the sightscreen on the full. What an important six. Brings the target down to single digits
Sams to David, no run, play-and-a-miss! Overpitched full outside off and it's an expansive attempted slog. But misses the shot completely

Voges, the Scorchers captain, walks in. David on strike

Sams to Klinger, OUT, It's a big hit, but it doesn't have the distance! Holes out. Slow ball on middle and it's slogged cross-batted, the fielder at cow corner takes his time to settle under it, before completing a clean catch. A twist in the tale!

M Klinger c Maddinson b Sams 83 (61b 9x4 2x6) SR: 136.06

Adityan: "Although Klinger deserves the victory here, I want BBL to be more exciting... Sixers have to win here to open up the table."

Sams to David, 1 run, full on off stump and bunted down the ground, through to Silk at the long-off boundary
Sams to David, no run, flies over the top of off stump! Good length ball on middle and angling across the right-hander's body. Tries to slog over the leg side but misses completely. Just past the stumps
Sams to Klinger, 1 run, backs away and slaps this square to deep point. Full ball outside off but can't time it to perfection

Ravindu: "Maybe it is too late. But I really want to see Klinger batting for Australia in world T20 Campaign" -- Never too late when it comes to Australian cricket.

18 | 15 Runs | PS: 151/3 (17 runs required from 5 balls, RR: 8.38, RRR: 8.50)

  • M Klinger82 (59b)
  • TH David10 (6b)
  • SA Abbott3-0-31-0
  • BJ Dwarshuis4-0-26-1
Abbott to Klinger, 1 leg bye, full and straight on leg stump, squeezed away back towards the bowler and Klinger races off for a quick run. Keeps the strike, and that's the 15th run of the over. Expensive!
Abbott to Klinger, FOUR runs, Abbott's unlucky! Yorker outside leg stump and Klinger is beaten for all measure, but he manages to get his bat down in time and inside edges it past short third man. Lucky boundary, but Perth won't mind one bit
Abbott to Klinger, FOUR runs, back of a length outside off, drags the pull fine down the leg side, beats the man at short fine leg and that's another glorious boundary. Not a dangerous shot at all, and yet earns him two boundaries in a row
Abbott to Klinger, FOUR runs, backs away and muscles this over cover! Flat-batted shot over wide mid off, and thats another useful boundary. It's a length ball but too easy for the man who has already batted 55 balls
Abbott to David, 1 run, good length on off stump and it's been slogged over the square-leg umpire. Effort for deep midwicket to run around, but the fielder ensures it's only a single
Abbott to Klinger, 1 run, slower ball to start off, back of a length outside off, pokes the ball down to third man

Scorchers need 32 off the final three overs. It's neck and neck here at the WACA. Here's Sean Abbott.

17 | 7 Runs | PS: 136/3 (32 runs required from 5 balls, RR: 8.00, RRR: 10.66)

  • M Klinger69 (54b)
  • TH David9 (5b)
  • BJ Dwarshuis4-0-26-1
  • WER Somerville4-0-32-0
Dwarshuis to Klinger, 1 run, good length on middle and off, punched off the front foot to mid off. Great over from Dwarshuis, given the state of the game
Dwarshuis to Klinger, 2 runs, full and wide outside off, carved off the back foot past the man at point
Dwarshuis to David, 1 run, full on middle stump, driven down the ground, but the bat's face turned in his hand. Straight to mid off again

Scorchers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4M KlingerDJ Willey
2nd13M KlingerHWR Cartwright
3rd96M KlingerAJ Turner
4th40M KlingerTH David
5th17AC VogesTH David