Player of the Match
Player of the Match
304dThe Report by Akshay Gopalakrishnan in Kolkata

Gurbani seven-for books Vidarbha's maiden Ranji final berth

With Karnataka less than ten runs away from victory, Gurbani struck twice in the space of ten balls to give Vidarbha the five-run win in an exhilarating finish to the semi-final in Kolkata

Match Centre

Commentator: Sreshth Shah

10.50 am That's all from the second semi-final between Karnataka and Vidarbha. Don't forget to catch up on our match report, and post-match reactions to this historic game as the day progresses only on ESPNcricinfo. For now, though, it's Sreshth Shah, signing off. See you all at the final between Vidarbha and Delhi on the 29th of December from Indore. Bye bye!

Sooryanarayanan: "Rajneesh Gurbani. IPL team owners, remember the name.

Pankaj Morajkar: "Great match. Great commentary. I am from Mumbai, who are not going to be in the finals this year. But will vouch for Vidarbha as you always want an underdog to win. Congrats Vidarbha."

CHAITANYA HALGE: "spare a moment for Karun's epic hundred. That was the innings that kept Karnataka in the hunt and made the match stretch to four exciting innings. Gurbani MOM indeed, but Karun's efforts are special as well!"

10.45 am There we have it! After 13 epic sessions at the Eden Gardens, we finally have our second finalist. It was a Rajneesh Gurbani special that's taken Vidarbha to their maiden Ranji final, where they will face Delhi for the title of the country's best first-class team. Karnataka lost an early wicket today, but after that, the ninth-wicket partnership between Gopal and Mithun looked like they'd steal the win away from Vidarbha. But it was not to be, as Gurbani's two wickets (in the space of ten balls) snatched victory for the underdogs. What a wonderful encounter we witnessed today.

Nitesh Budhlani: "Being from Nagpur and see Vidharbha reaching the Finals is a great moment . Saw Faiz Fazal as our Junior College Team player .Never thought ,he would lead the vidharbha team to the Ranji Finals...Proud Moment!!"

Sumanth: "Oh God!! Why would you want to expose your No 11. for 6 full balls? Why Shreyas why?..... All it needed was for him to keep strike and finish the job!!. This is very disappointing from the young man....."

10.36 am Celebrations for the Vidarbha boys at the Eden Gardens. The teams shake their hands as captain Faiz Fazal leads Vidarbha out of the ground. What a topsy-turvy game this has been. Perfect advertisement for first-class cricket in India. Gurbani shows off his match-ball to the sparse crowd at the ground. Disappointed faces all around in the Karnataka camp. Gurbani is also, unsurprisingly, the Man of the Match for his game-haul of 12 wickets.

BHUSHAN: "Oh!! not again!!! Repeat of 2009/10 final where Karnataka lost by 7 runs.Nonetheless,good fight from Karnataka."

Pulkit Bhardwaj: "This is why we love cricket. Irrespective of who you support, this game had everything!"

Gurbani to Aravind, OUT, Vidarbha are in the final of the Ranji Trophy! They reach the final for the very first time! Seven for Rajneesh Gurbani and there are #scenes at the Eden Gardens. Emotional moment for the bowler, who is on his knees. He's being congratulated by everyone. It was a fullish ball outside off that the batsman tried to play at, takes the outside edge and into gully's hands.

S Aravind c Wankhade b Gurbani 2 (7m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

59 | 3 Runs | KNTKA: 192/9

  • S Aravind2 (5b)
  • S Gopal24 (56b)
  • UT Yadav20-3-65-1
  • RN Gurbani23-3-68-6
Yadav to Aravind, 1 run, short on middle and going down the leg side as the batsman flicks off his pads to fine leg. Gurbani the man in the deep who intercepts. Five to win. One wicket in hand.

Balaji: "Umpires standing there would be the one most tensed with this nail biting finish"

Yadav to Aravind, no run, pushed off the back foot, but only to point. A good length ball just outside off
Yadav to Gopal, 1 run, good length just outside off, taps at it with the bat's open face to deep backward point for a single. Seven needed

MJ: "@Venkat: Me too praying for a Vidarbha win.. BTW, it is a region in East of Maharashtra..!!"

Yadav to Aravind, 1 run, short on off stump but angling down the leg side, clipped off his hips to fine leg. Eight needed for Karnataka now
Yadav to Aravind, no run, full on off stump and angling into the left-hander's body. Firmly defended off the back foot to short cover. Full face of the bat offered

Karnataka 4th innings Partnerships

1st7MA AgarwalR Samarth
2nd28R SamarthD Nischal
3rd5KK NairD Nischal
4th41CM GautamKK Nair
5th6STR BinnyCM Gautam
6th13R Vinay KumarCM Gautam
7th4R Vinay KumarK Gowtham
8th37R Vinay KumarS Gopal
9th48A MithunS Gopal
10th3S AravindS Gopal