Jin Air, KSV kick off LCK Week 7 with quick sweeps

KSV eSports came back in Week 7 of the LCK with a quick 2-0 win over bbq Olivers. Provided by kenzi/FOMOS

KSV 2 - bbq Olivers 0

KSV eSports overcame an early scare from bbq Olivers to walk away with a 2-0 victory on Wednesday in League of Legends Champions Korea.

Despite KSV (7-6) holding a 10-2 game advantage over bbq (4-9) in the team's last five meetings, bbq looked like the stronger team throughout the majority of the opening game. Bbq opened the series by putting an extreme focus on the top and mid lanes, killing Lee "CuVee" Seong-jin and Lee "Crown" Min-ho a combined 16 times in the 45-minute tilt. By that statistic alone, you would surely believe that bbq easily won this game. That would have been the case if not for KSV AD carry Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk and his Tristana.

While KSV was getting decimated from all angles through the first 40 minutes, Ruler was simply biding his time while scaling into the late game. Despite posting just a 3/1/0 KDA (kills/deaths/asssists) up to that point, Ruler willed KSV to a stunning comeback victory with a gargantuan seven kills and 10 assists in the final five minutes of the game. His game-high 47,055 damage was simply too much for bbq to handle as it was unable to close out the game before KSV took the final two teamfights needed to lock up the win.

With all the momentum, KSV looked like the defending World Champions with a much more decisive run in the second frame. KSV put itself in the driver's seat from the jump with a ton of pressure that prevented bbq from having any early game success. Bbq might have found a few isolated kills in the mid game, but KSV never lost control over the contest. With an iron grip over the map, KSV took two clean Barons to close out the sweep with a solid 35-minute win.

KSV will continue to try and climb back towards the top of the standings with a matchup against KT Rolster at 6 a.m. ET on Saturday, while bbq will have its work cut out when it faces Kingzone DragonX at 7 a.m. ET on Sunday.

--Wyatt Donigan

Jin Air Green Wings 2 - Kongdoo Monster 0

Jin Air Green Wings picked up an lightning-fast 2-0 victory over the struggling Kongdoo Monster on Wednesday in League of Legends Champions Korea.

Despite being one of the LCK stalwarts, Jin Air (5-8) came into this series having lost three straight games to fall into relegation range going into the last three weeks of the season. A matchup against the lowly Kongdoo (2-11) ended up being just what the doctor ordered to get this team back on track.

From the first blood of Game 1 when Jin Air support Kwon "Wraith" Ji-min's Taric managed to solo kill Kongdoo jungler Oh "Raise" Ji-hwan's Jarvan IV, it was clear that Kongdoo Monster was simply outmatched. While Jin Air is usually a team wholly content on letting any given match enter the late game before making any decisive moves, it had no trouble engaging with Kongdoo early and often this time around. Jin Air used its team compositions well in both outings to take control of the early game and never let up as things progressed, using its superior teamfighting skills to dominate every aspect of the game.

In stark contrast to Jin Air's expert piloting of its team composition, Kongdoo looked unsure of what to do with either team composition it drafted in this series. Despite both compositions needing the team to control the pace of the game from the start in order to scale well and not get run over, Kongdoo was powerless to stop Jin Air from doing whatever it wanted all series long. Anytime that Kongdoo went for a pick, it lacked the requisite damage needed to do more than tickle its opposition. As such, Kongdoo quickly lost control off the proceedings and were handed its ninth loss in a row during a series that featured just 56 minutes of game time.

Kongdoo will try and end its league-leading losing streak against the Afreeca Freecs at 3 a.m. ET on Sunday, while Jin Air will continue its cinderella run at the playoffs against MVP at 3 a.m. on Saturday.

--Wyatt Donigan