Sergey Sirotkin's F1 debut ended by loose sandwich bag

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However long his motor racing career lasts, Sergey Sirotkin is unlikely to ever suffer the same issue which prompted him to retire from his Formula One debut at the Australian Grand Prix.

The Williams rookie pulled off the circuit on lap four after complaining about an issue with his brakes. After the race, he revealed the cause -- a wayward plastic bag which had blown onto the Albert Park circuit and into one of his car's brake ducts.

"You would not believe how clever it was what happened," Sirotkin told the media after the race. "There was a plastic sandwich bag that went into the rear-right brake duct, which was lap three or lap four I suppose.

"That caused massive overheating which caused massive temperature spikes and it destroyed all the brakes. At some point I lost the pedal completely, lucky no wall or nothing there so the car is still in one piece but I lost the car straight [on]."

When asked if the bag had been empty, Sirotkin replied: "Yeah, I didn't even get a sandwich from it!"

It prematurely ended a race Sirotkin had been hoping to use to build confidence and experience after a difficult weekend which had seen him qualify 19th.

"To be honest it's been a very tough weekend. You know I've been around a little while and up to now it all went exactly as I was pretty much expecting to be going. But this weekend was really tough, it was really something out of what usually happens that we didn't, or I didn't, expect.

"A good race today, from my side, it would have given some confidence and learnings. That was something I was really looking forward to, in the morning I was really in the mood for a good run but it didn't happen. It's really frustrating looking back to the weekend but I just say: hey, it went how it went, it was far from ideal and it was tough, but no-one said it was going to be easy and it was just going to just come like that.

"So we do really need to work and believe me we will work harder than ever, I promise you we will do all the work we can and I will do what I can as a driver to be sure in Bahrain we are where we deserve to be."