Mats Hummels beat Marouane Fellaini to face-smashing picture

Not that the man himself is overly enthused about it, but the sight of Marouane Fellaini's warped face has become the enduring image of the 2017 UEFA Super Cup.

The cameras were on hand to capture the precise moment that Fellaini was hit in the face by the ball during the latter stages of the match, thus causing much mirth on Twitter.

Indeed, the incident has now even been immortalised in a piece of Australian street art.

However, Sky Sports Germany have done a little digging and found that Fellaini cannot claim to be the pioneer of the ball-in-face grimace -- no, that honour apparently goes to Mats Hummels.

Indeed, it would appear that Hummels got there first a couple of years ago, back in his Borussia Dortmund days, when an almost identical collision spawned an almost identical photograph.

Again, fine investigative work, but we're not sure the German defender will be overly eager to see his mushed-up face going viral on social media all over again.