#ThingsDavidDeGeaCouldSave hashtag, Man United keeper approves

David De Gea's sublime performance against Arsenal at the weekend has led to the social media declaring that the Manchester United goalkeeper could save anything, anywhere.

De Gea came up with 14 saves in his team's 3-1 win at Arsenal on Saturday, leading to the hashtag #ThingsDavidDeGeaCouldSave becoming a trending topic.

Numerous messages and memes emerged saying the Spain international could have saved the dinosaurs from extinction, Mufasa from his tragic demise in "The Lion King," Ned Stark from execution in "Game of Thrones" and even former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard from his infamous slip against Chelsea.

Villarreal's Congolese striker Cedric Bakambu joined the fun and tweeted an image of a busted-up IPhone with the message: "You need to call De Gea to save this one".

The 27-year-old De Gea expressed his approval to Bakambu, as is the modern way, with two laughing emojis.

With Sunday's derby against runaway Premier League leaders Manchester City on the horizon, could De Gea's heroics extend to saving this season's title race from becoming a procession?