Barcelona star Lionel Messi's life story painted on to custom boots

Not that he's short of a few pairs, but Lionel Messi has been furnished with a pair of custom football boots that feature wonderful hand-painted snapshots of his life and career to date.

The boots were created by Paraguayan artist Lili Cantero, who sent them to Messi via Barcelona as a personal gift.

The adidas boots feature many delicate snapshots of Messi's incredible progression over the years; from his humble origins as a boy in Argentina to him becoming the global football icon he is today.

''I chose Messi because he's one of the greatest players in history, but also because of his own history -- his childhood, which demanded so many sacrifices,'' Cantero said.

''That's what I wanted to express.''

The Barca star shared a photo of his boots on social media and Cantero has been inundated with requests ever since, with Peru striker Paolo Guerrero reportedly commissioning a similar pair for himself.

Honestly, it's not hard to see why. They're brilliant!