Arsene Wenger's uncertainty is clearly hurting Arsenal

After the last poor Arsenal performance, we were distracted by GIFs of Alexis Sanchez supposedly smirking on the bench and dubious "distance covered" numbers suggesting he might not be the Energizer bunny some make him out to be. This time, following a 3-1 hiding at West Brom, the distraction comes from Arsene Wenger himself, who announced that his mind was made up.

"I know what I will do in the future," he said. "You will know soon. Very soon. You will see."

Cue 48 hours of speculation about what might be going through the Arsenal manager's mind, with some outlets reporting that he had decided to stay and others citing "insiders" insisting no final decision has been made. You kinda wish they'd get their story straight. Wenger says he knows what he'll do but "insiders" (presumably, Arsenal sources and not voices in Wenger's head) say no decision has been taken.

This situation benefits nobody. Particularly not with the thorny issue of contract extensions for Mesut Ozil and Sanchez still on the table.

Logic would suggest that this is where Wenger's employers turn to him and politely ask: "Erm, Arsene, we understand you said you had made up your mind. Can you please tell us one way or another so we can actually plan this club's future, with or without you?"

In case they hadn't noticed, Arsenal have crashed out of the Champions League and slipped from second to sixth in the table since Feb. 1. Clearly, this uncertainty isn't helping.

As for what Wenger will do (or whether he even has truly made up his mind), I have no particular inside knowledge now. But if I had to speculate, my guess is he'll want to return. Nobody wants to leave on a low. Not if they don't have to anyway.

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