Frank Lampard admires Mauricio Pochettino's man-management style

Frank Lampard voiced his admiration for Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino, telling The Sunday Times he admires his methods.

Chelsea legend Lampard, 38, ended his 21-year playing career earlier this year and has said he wants to move into management.

The former England captain, who has played down his chances of joining Antonio Conte's backroom staff at Stamford Bridge, cited Pochettino's approach to man-management as an inspiration.

"I want to manage," Lampard said. "Most of my career I wasn't sure but, when I got into my 30s, I became a lot more interested.

"Much as I'm interested in coaching I've just as much interest in how to deal with people.

"I see someone like [Mauricio] Pochettino and his relationship with players -- like both a boss and a bit of a friend -- and I love that."

But he added: "I sometimes see coaches trying to be clones of someone else. I don't want to be a clone, I want to be my own man."

Lampard said former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho had "changed our mindset," and described Carlo Ancelotti as "the best man-manager I've ever worked with."

And he said his uncle, Harry Redknapp, was seen by many as "old school, yet he was bringing in Italian fitness coaches when nobody else was."

He added: "You hear Alex Ferguson was the same -- this old school face but behind was somebody taking his club forward with new ideas."

But he described former England coach Fabio Capello as "a dictator."

"You must not lose position. Check over your shoulder every two seconds. Retrospectively, I took a lot from him but at the time found it hard work," he said.