Pro Kabaddi League, Season 6: News, Schedule, Results, Points Table & Highlights

U Mumba v Jaipur Pink Panthers (4:05)

Kabaddi Highlights (4:05)

Stay updated with the latest news, results, schedule, points table and highlights from the Pro Kabaddi League Season 6. Featuring 12 teams and an extended tournament spanning over 12 weeks.

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Points Table


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Fixtures & results

Sunday, December 16

Patna Pirates 31-47 U.P. Yoddha

Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-34 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Saturday, December 15

UP Yoddha 25-25 Tamil Thalaivas

Jaipur Pink Panthers 35-35 U Mumba

Friday, December 14

Jaipur Pink Panthers 36-23 Puneri Paltan

Bengal Warriors 28-21 Tamil Thalaivas

Thursday, December 13

Telugu Titans 41-36 Patna Pirates

Wednesday, December 12

Haryana Steelers 37-47 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Bengaluru Bulls 37-24 Telugu Titans

Tuesday, December 11

Dabang Delhi K.C. 19-44 U Mumba

Telugu Titans 20-27 U.P. Yoddha

Sunday, December 9

Tamil Thalaivas 24-37 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Telugu Titans 35-31 Haryana Steelers

Saturday, December 8

U Mumba 30- 20 Bengal Warriors

Telugu Titans 36-26 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Friday, December 7

Telugu Titans 27-29 Gujarat Fortune Giants

Patna Pirates 53-36 Puneri Paltan

Thursday, December 6

UP Yoddha 30-29 Haryana Steelers

Dabang Delhi 37-33 Tamil Thalaivas

Wednesday, December 5

Haryana Steelers 35-33 Bengal Warriors

Dabang Delhi K.C. 32-31 Bengaluru Bulls

Tuesday, December 4

Patna Pirates 27-45 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Dabang Delhi K.C. 34-29 Telugu Titans

Sunday, December 2

Dabang Delhi 35-24 Puneri Paltan

U Mumba 36-26 Gujarat Fortune Giants

Saturday, December 1

Dabang Delhi 34 - 41 U Mumba

Friday, November 30

Tamil Thalaivas 35 - 35 Patna Pirates

Dabang Delhi 48 - 35 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Thursday, November 29

Puneri Paltan 20 - 35 Gujarat Fortune Giants

Bengaluru Bulls 37 - 44 Bengal Warriors

Wednesday, November 28

Haryana Steelers 33-35 Puneri Paltan

Bengaluru Bulls 34-26 Telugu Titans

Monday, November 26

Tamil Thalaivas 31-35 Telugu Titans

Bengaluru Bulls 37-27 U.P Yoddha

Sunday, November 25

Dabang Delhi K.C 27-34 Haryana Steelers

Bengaluru Bulls 32-35 Patna Pirates

Saturday, November 24

U Mumba 39-23 Dabang Delhi K.C

Bengaluru Bulls 36-22 Tamil Thalaivas

Friday, November 23

Bengaluru Bulls 31-33 Bengal Warriors

Jaipur Pink Panthers 30-30 Puneri Paltan

Thursday, November 22

Gujarat Fortunegiants 40-31 Haryana Steelers

Wednesday, November 21

Patna Pirates 45-27 Tamil Thalaivas

Gujarat Fortunegiants 39-35 U Mumba

Tuesday, November 20

Tamil Thalaivas 27-23 Telugu Titans

Gujarat Fortunegiants 26-29 Dabang Delhi K.C.

Sunday, November 18

Jaipur Pink Panthers 32-45 Bengaluru Bulls - 8 PM

Gujarat Fortunegiants 37-32 U.P. Yoddha - 9 PM

Saturday, November 17

Puneri Paltan 22-26 Bengal Warriors

Gujarat Fortunegiants 30-30 Bengaluru Bulls

Friday, November 16

Gujarat Fortunegiants 35-23 Bengal Warriors

Jaipur Pink Panthers 45-28 UP Yoddha

Thursday, November 15

Patna Pirates 38-35 Dabang Delhi K.C.

U Mumba 36-22 Tamil Thalaivas

Wednesday, November 14

Tamil Thalaivas 32-32 Haryana Steelers

U Mumba 32-29 Bengaluru Bulls

Tuesday, November 13

Puneri Paltan 25-28 Telugu Titans

U Mumba 41-24 U.P. Yoddha

Sunday, November 11

U Mumba 31-35 Haryana Steelers

Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-40 Dabang Delhi

Saturday, November 10

U Mumba 36-38 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Patna Pirates 50-30 Bengal Warriors

Friday, November 9

U Mumba 48-24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Bengal Warriors 30-25 Telugu Titans

Thursday, November 8

Haryana Steelers 33-39 Dabang Delhi K.C

U.P Yoddha 27-37 Bengaluru Bulls

Tuesday, November 6

Jaipur Pink Panthers 38-32 Haryana Steelers

UP Yoddha 26-26 Telugu Titans

Sunday, November 4

UP Yoddha 30-30 Bengal Warriors

Dabang Delhi 38-45 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Saturday, November 3

U Mumba 31-22 Puneri Paltan

UP Yoddha 29-35 Bengaluru Bulls

Friday, November 2

UP Yoddha 24-46 Tamil Thalaivas

Jaipur Pink Panthers 25-36 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Thursday, November 1

Patna Pirates 29-27 Bengal Warriors

Wednesday, Oct 31

Dabang Delhi 27-31 Puneri Paltan

Patna Pirates 41-43 Bengaluru Bulls

Tuesday, Oct 30

Puneri Paltan 27-37 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Patna Pirates 53-32 Telugu Titans

Sunday, Oct 28

Dabang Delhi K.C. 36-38 UP Yoddha

Patna Pirates 32-43 Haryana Steelers

Saturday, Oct 27

Bengal Warriors 39 - 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

U Mumba 40 - 39 Patna Pirates

Friday, Oct 26

Patna Pirates 41 - 30 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Gujarat Fortunegiants 36 - 25 Tamil Thalaivas

Wednesday, Oct 24

Bengaluru Bulls 42-34 Haryana Steelers

Puneri Paltan 23-29 U.P. Yoddha

Tuesday, Oct 23

U Mumba 41-20 Telugu Titans

Puneri Paltan 31-36 Tamil Thalaivas

Sunday, Oct 21

Dabang Delhi 39-30 Bengal Warriors

Puneri Paltan 27-25 Bengaluru Bulls

Saturday, Oct 20

U.P Yoddha 40-40 Bengal Warriors

Puneri Paltan 33-32 U Mumba

Friday, October 19

Patna Pirates 31-35 Telugu Titans

Puneri Paltan 29-25 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Thursday, Oct 18

Haryana Steelers 34-31 Dabang Delhi

Puneri Paltan 28-34 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Wednesday, Oct 17

Bengaluru Bulls 44-35 Tamil Thalaivas

Haryana Steelers 32-42 U Mumba

Tuesday, Oct 16

Bengal Warriors 30-25 Telugu Titans

Haryana Steelers 33-36 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Sunday, Oct 14

Patna Pirates 43-37 U.P. Yoddha

Haryana Steelers 27-45 Puneri Paltan

Saturday, Oct 13

Haryana Steelers 26 - 53 U Mumba

Telegu Titans 34 - 29 UP Yoddha

Friday, Oct 12

Haryana Steelers 32-25 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Puneri Paltan 37-41 Dabang Delhi K.C

Thursday, Oct 11

UP Yoddha 41-43 Patna Pirates

Tamil Thalaivas 27-36 Bengal Warriors

Wednesday, Oct 10

U Mumba 39-32 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Tamil Thalaivas 37-48 Bengaluru Bulls

Tuesday, Oct 9

Dabang Delhi K.C 32-32 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Tamil Thalaivas 28-33 Telugu Titans

Monday, Oct 8

Kabaddi, bloody hell! A beginner's guide to enjoying the PKL

Puneri Paltan 34-22 Haryana Steelers

Tamil Thalaivas 32-37 U.P. Yoddha

Sunday, Oct 7

From Pretoria to Dindigul, PKL finds its feet and fans in Chennai

Tamil Thalaivas 42-26 Patna Pirates

Puneri Paltan 32-32 U Mumba


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