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Thompson on Riley

  • play3:14
  • Pat Riley's Final Test

    - Wright Thompson

    This was the NBA legend's most difficult season in 50 years. So why, after nine championships, doesn't he just walk away? If only it were that easy.

Is LeBron slowing down?

  • play1:25
  • Is this the beginning of LeBron James' end?

    - Henry Abbott

    At 32 years old, LeBron James remains superhuman, able to carry the Cavs while playing an unprecedented number of minutes. But even superhumans have their limits.

Lottery Mock draft

  • ESPN
  • 2017 NBA lottery mock draft: Play the lotto!

    - Chad Ford

    What are the odds the Suns, Celtics or Lakers land the No. 1 pick? Which teams could get lucky and vault to the top? Chad Ford breaks down 2,184 scenarios, based on the actual NBA lottery.