Philadelphia legend Allen Iverson publicly supports Dallas Cowboys

It is nearly impossible to find an athlete more beloved in Philadelphia than former 76ers star Allen Iverson.

His latest Instagram post isn't going to do him any favors with the city, though.

On Monday evening, Iverson posted a photo wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey alongside Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with the caption "We dem boyz!!!"

We dem boyz!!!

A photo posted by Allen Iverson (@theofficialai3) on

The Cowboys, of course, are the primary rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In Iverson's defense, the Virginia native has been a Cowboys fan for years. This isn't the first time he has shown support for America's team on social media, including this tweet from 2013.

Still, it's difficult not to feel for Eagles fans who are scrolling down their timeline and come across this image.

-- Jovan Buha