Steph Curry tells fans to be respectful, civil when attempting #Currychallenge trick shot

NEW YORK -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry cautions people to keep it civil when attempting the #Currychallenge trick shot.

"I will just say be very mindful of the repercussions of messing with people's stuff," he told ESPN. "I do not condone violence. That is the only thing. I do not condone violence."

The shot in question has a high degree of difficulty. Curry attempts it before most games, but on Nov. 6 before tipping off against the Miami Heat, he was successful and it immediately had the internet buzzing.

During the layup line, Curry received the ball, did a slow-motion Eurostep and then flipped the ball about 30 feet high. It splashed in, barely tickling the net. The team celebrated. Curry and Draymond Green back-bumped each other in the air and Kevin Durant started dancing.

Fans have gone to social media, posting videos trying to re-create that moment in their everyday lives. But one fan by the name of Samuel Grubbs, although a bit controversial, has taken the Curry challenge to another level.

A video shows him wearing a Curry jersey and dangling the mouthpiece in a grocery store while flipping an object in the air before it lands in the grocery basket; then he's in the parking lot tossing up a cellphone that goes through an open moonroof.

But the slightly dangerous parts of the video are when he walks by a group of women sitting at a table and tosses up a cup with an unknown liquid that splashes on their table, startling them. It then shows him jump on the top of a car waiting at the stoplight; he Eurosteps on the roof before throwing what looks like a Nerf ball into a toy hoop his friend was holding up.

The driver of the car immediately jumped out and screamed, "Hey, what are you doing?" The boys promptly took off running. Whoever was filming, sensing danger, said, "Oh snap."

Curry said he appreciates the comedic aspects of the video and appreciates everyone else who is performing their version of the challenge, but he asks that they refrain from impeding on an individual's space in doing so.

"It's very creative," Curry told ESPN regarding Grubbs' video. "People are obviously having fun, but please be respectful of other people's property. I don't want anything to happen to anyone."