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Patriots, Falcons have a date in Houston for Super Bowl LI

With the Patriots and Falcons set to meet in the Super Bowl, check out the highlights from both the AFC and NFC title games that got the teams to Houston.

Ultimate Super Bowl LI Preview

After 266 games, just two teams remain. Will Tom and Bill add a fifth Super Bowl title to their legacy? Or will Matt Ryan's jet-powered offense finally earn a title for Atlanta? Here's your head-to-head breakdown of the Patriots and Falcons.

Can Brady obliterate Deflategate with SB win?

Ryan Clark doesn't think Tom Brady can reverse the "cheaters" reputation the Patriots have acquired after the myriad infractions with "Deflategate" being chief among them.


Why did Championship Sunday feature a pair of blowouts?

The NFL Live crew looks at the Championship Sunday turning points that sent Green Bay and Pittsburgh packing.


Brady vs. Ryan: Who has the edge?

Matt Ryan and Tom Brady were the two best quarterbacks in the NFL this season. Ryan accumulated some eye-popping stats, while Brady was unflappable in the clutch. So which one would you rather have in Super Bowl LI?


The season long Tom Brady revenge tour.

From the official word of his four-game suspension, to his historic performance in the AFC championship game, it's been a season of revenge for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.


Riddick says reaction to Grigson's firing is unprecedented.

Louis Riddick details the ways Ryan Grigson failed as GM to the Colts, evident by the overwhelming media attention and player reaction after his ousting.


Bell says he couldn't go anymore.

Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell expresses his disappointment in having to leave the AFC Championship in the first half and tells reporters he would have been holding the team back if he stayed in.


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