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Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin's perspective on food changed with World Food Program trip.

Natalie Coughlin is used to thinking of food as fuel -- fuel for swimming. Her experiences in Uganda, as a Zero Hunger ambassador, have dramatically changed that view.

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This day in history, the jewel of Colombian cycling.

October 10th, 1991, the legend of BMX cycling Mariana Pajón was born.

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Young soccer fan raffles signed Pulisic jersey for Puerto Rico aid.

Seven-year-old Alex Ibarra raffled off a signed jersey from his favorite player, Christian Pulisic, to help raise money for Puerto Rico aid. When Pulisic heard what happened, he decided to step up in a big way.

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  • When a bee scared Biles off the podium

    Simone Biles is less than fond of bees, and showed off this fear when a bee buzzed around her on the podium during the 2014 World Championships.

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