Anna Hursey, 11, to represent Wales at 2018 Commonwealth Games

Angharad Phillips and Conor Edwards [in green] competed for Wales at 2014's Commonwealth Games. Tim Ireland/PA Images via Getty Images

Anna Hursey is eager to prove herself at the Commonwealth Games after the 11-year-old table tennis player was selected in Wales' squad for the trip to Australia's Gold Coast.

Hursey is thought to be the youngest person to represent Wales at any sport at senior level, having played in their table tennis team last year, aged 10, in a European Championship.

"I am going -- and that's really good -- but hopefully I can show some people that I'm good at this sport and not just going there to have fun," Hursey told BBC Sport Wales.

"At first I was having fun in clubs, but then I got picked for Wales and started playing in competitions and it is a big jump. Sometimes I go to the gym and practise hard, and sometimes I miss school for competitions.

"I play about three hours a day after school and sometimes I go out running with my dad, it's alright once you get used to it."

Hursey, who took up the sport as a five-year-old, added: "I don't normally get nervous. I know I am so young and will have lots of chances.

"Sometimes you can't believe how many people are going to be there and if the Queen was there, that would be a dream.

"I feel proud of myself but I don't feel that nervous -- when I am there I probably will be. I think I have a really good mindset, you can't give up when you are losing or you won't get better."