15Kurtley Beale, FB
14Christian Wade, W
13Elliot Daly, C
12Jimmy Gopperth, C
11Willie Le Roux, W
10Danny Cipriani, FH
9Joe Simpson, SH
1Matt Mullan, P
2Tommy Taylor, H
3Jake Cooper-Woolley, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
5Matt Symons, L
6James Haskell, FL
7Thomas Young, FL
8Nathan Hughes, N8
16Ashley Johnson, R
17Simon McIntyre, R
18Phil Swainston, R
19Kearnan Myall, R
20Guy Thompson, R
21Dan Robson, R
22Alapati Leiua, R
23Josh Bassett, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Ricoh Arena
8:30 PM, May 6, 2017

Match Commentary

81'35-15 End of second half
80'And that's that. Wasps win by 20. They'll be back at the Ricoh in a fortnight to face Leicester while Exeter will host Saracens at Sandy Park.
80'Wasps run down the clock.
79'No joy from the tee for Gopperth, not that it matters.
78'More on the try, solid drive from the lineout for Wasps and Young comes charging through and with some lovely footwork he makes his way to the try line.
78'TRY! And its Thomas Young with a hat-trick! That seals the deal for Wasps without a doubt.
78'35-15 Try - Thomas Young , Wasps
77'Wasps awarded a penalty at the lineout drive. Cipriani goes for a cross field kick but it doesn't come off.
76'Thomas Young awarded man of the match for his two first half tries.
75'Saracens clear from the base of the lineout.
75'Wasps shutting down the game as Robson kicks behind Saracens line into touch just shy of the 22.
73'Bosch chips through but it rolls out.
73'Saracens win the ball back from the restart. They'll fight tooth and nail until the end.
72'Gopperth nails the conversion. 15 point gap with eight minutes remaining. That should do it.
72'Player substituted - Willie Le Roux , Wasps
72'Substitute on - Josh Bassett , Wasps
72'30-15 Conversion - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
72'Player substituted - Schalk Burger , Saracens
72'Substitute on - Kelly Brown , Saracens
71'TRY! Out of nothing Elliot Daly sprints down the sideline for the bonus point try for Wasps. That may well secure top of the table for Wasps.
71'28-15 Try - Elliot Daly , Wasps
70'Wasps on the attack as Launchbury carries with intent.
69'Big break from Willie le Roux down the sideline, chips through and Robson doesn't get a kind bounce and knocks it on with the try line beckoning.
69'Substitute on - Henry Taylor , Saracens
69'Player substituted - Sean Maitland , Saracens
69'Substitute on - Kearnan Myall , Wasps
69'Player substituted - Matt Symons , Wasps
68'Oh dear. Dan Robson bottles a try for Wasps!
68'Wasps with a turnover and Daly boots it down field.
67'Saracens win the lineout on Wasps 22.
66'Big shove by Wasps but Barnes gives Saracens a penalty.
66'Wasps get the ball back from the restart, but Johnson loses the ball in contact. Scrum Saracens.
65'Exeter have beaten Gloucester 34-20. So Wasps need one more try (and of course to win) to secure top spot.
64'Leicester have secured fourth spot after a 28-23 win over Worcester.
64'Lozowksi misses the conversion. Eight point buffer.
64'Substitute on - Guy Thompson , Wasps
64'Player substituted - James Haskell , Wasps
64'Player substituted - Matt Mullan , Wasps
64'Substitute on - Simon McIntyre , Wasps
63'TRY! 20 phases in and Spencer gets his second.
63'23-15 Try - Ben Spencer , Saracens
62'Saracens playing under penalty advantage.
62'Saracens just metres short as Burger goes close.
61'Crucial tackle from Wade on Kruis.
60'Saracens march into Wasps' 22 as the champions look for an immediate response.
60'Substitute on - Nick Isiekwe , Saracens
60'Player substituted - Jim Hamilton , Saracens
59'Gopperth makes no mistake this time. It's a 13 point lead.
59'And it is a TRY. A record-equaling one too for Wade. It's his 17th of the season.
59'Beale chips through, Wyles dives through and it comes loose before hitting Spencer and then onto a Wasps player before coming into the hands of Wade who dots it down. Should be a try.
59'TMO required here, Christian Wade may have scored here.
59'Wasps steal a Saracens lineout, that man Launchbury.
59'23-10 Conversion - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
59'21-10 Try - Christian Wade , Wasps
58'Saracens lose the ball in contact and Cipriani kicks through for Wade to chase but it rolls into touch.
58'Player substituted - Nick Tompkins , Saracens
58'Substitute on - Alex Goode , Saracens
56'Hamilton with the charge down and Beale scurries back to clean up. Robson has replaced Simpson and he clears to touch.
55'Substitute on - Dan Robson , Wasps
55'Player substituted - Joe Simpson , Wasps
54'Over at Kingsholm, Exeter have scored their fourth try against Gloucester, that could be enough to claim top spot in the Premiership.
54'Gopperth's attempt is to the left. Margin remains at six points.
54'Player substituted - Mike Ellery , Saracens
54'Substitute on - Nathan Earle , Saracens
53'Wasps take a lineout quickly, and then get a penalty. Gopperth is going to take a shot at the posts.
52'Saracens look to attack but Ellery loses it in contact.
51'Player substituted - Titi Lamositele , Saracens
51'Substitute on - Richard Barrington , Saracens
51'Substitute on - Jamie George , Saracens
51'Player substituted - Schalk Brits , Saracens
49'Saracens win the lineout and Wasps give away a penalty. Simpson too keen.
47'Willie le Roux with another break, finds Elliot Daly on the switch. Gopperth gets in his way. Ben Spencer does brilliantly to turnover at the ruck. Wasps then give away a penalty.
46'Lovely work from Ashley Johnson who peels off the lineout drive and finds Cipriani with a one handed offload. Wasps get it out to Beale who chips through and it rolls into touch.
45'Maitland returns after 10 minutes in the bin.
43'Vincent Koch is off for a HIA.
43'Substitute on - Petrus Du Plessis , Saracens
43'Player substituted - Vincent Koch , Saracens
42'Young with a fantastic break as he goes searching for a hat-trick. Wasps fling it wide, Wade to Johnson but Michael Rhodes saves the day with a big tackle on the sideline.
41'Saracens attack early but Burger drops the ball. Beale clears and there is no one home at the back for the visitors.
41'As Saracens and Wasps get back on the park, lets update you with the situation as it stands. If all was to stay the same Wasps would face Leicester in the semifinals, while Exeter would host Saracens.
41'16-10 End of first half
40'Wasps kick into touch from the restart and that's HT.
40'Uncharacteristic miss from Gopperth. Wasps lead by six.
40'16-10 Start of second half
39'Brilliant work from Willie le Roux who delivers it on a plate to Young who gets on the outside of his defender on the blindside to run through to score right before halftime.
39'TRY! And its a double for Young!
39'16-10 Try - Thomas Young , Wasps
38'Simpson chips through as Wasps play under advantage, and Spencer drops it in his in goal. Ball goes dead, Wasps will have a scrum from five metres out.
36'Saracens give away another penalty at the ruck.
35'Gopperth nails a penalty, Wasps back in front.
35'11-10 Penalty goal - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
34'Yellow card! Brilliant deception and break from Beale who finds Wade, who chips through and Maitland changes his line and backs into Wade. Referee Wayne Barnes thinks its worthy of a yellow card and Maitland is off.
34'Yellow card - Sean Maitland , Saracens
32'Meanwhile Marcelo Bosch unleashes a monster penalty to put Saracens back ahead.
32'8-10 Penalty goal - Marcelo Bosch , Saracens
31'Let's go around the grounds for some half-time scores: Gloucester lead Exeter 15-13, Leicester up 16-13 over Worcester, 17-all between Saints and Quins, Bath trail Sale 20-10 and Newcastle ahead 18-3 over Bristol.
31'Wray returns the ball with interest from the 22 restart. Haskell gives away a penalty at the ruck.
30'Lozowski attempts a drop goal, but its well wide.
30'Drop goal-missed
29'Saracens break, lovely offload from Spencer.
28'Joe Launchbury gives away a penalty, Wasps first of the game.
27'Wasps on the counter after Saracens lose the ball. Gopperth tries to sneak down the blindside before he's tackled into touch.
25'Lozowski kicks through and Simpson is under pressure as he clears again. It's charged down and Hughes almost regathers 20 metres in front of Simpson, but he knocks on. Scrum Saracens.
25'Simpson clears from the base but it fails to find touch.
24'Stern defence from Wasps who force Britz into an error.
23'Another front row injury for Wasps. Worrying for Dai Young.
23'The ball pops out of the ruck and Maitland toes through. Gopperth gets back to tidy up before Maitland tackles him into touch.
23'Substitute on - Phil Swainston , Wasps
23'Player substituted - Jake Cooper-Woolley , Wasps
22'Lozowski knocks on and Wasps are off the hook.
22'Saracens give away a penalty after the restart but Wasps fail to find touch.
21'Gopperth misses the conversion.
20'Danny Cipriani with an inch perfect grubber through as Saracens rush defence puts the pressure on and Young chases through to score. Game on.
20'TRY! Lovely finish and its Thomas Young who dives over for Wasps.
20'8-7 Try - Thomas Young , Wasps
19'Spencer clears from the ruck as Beale and Hughes start the counter for Wasps.
18'Tom Taylor injured, Ashley Johnson comes on for Wasps.
18'No one there marking the ruck for Wasps and Spencer sprints straight through to score right under the posts. Lozowski converts.
18'Substitute on - Ashley Johnson , Wasps
18'Player substituted - Tommy Taylor , Wasps
18'3-7 Conversion - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
17'TRY! Saracens on the board through scrum-half Ben Spencer!
17'3-5 Try - Ben Spencer , Saracens
16'Gopperth makes no mistake. Wasps 3-0.
16'3-0 Penalty goal - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
15'Scrum penalty for Wasps, and Gopperth will have his first shot at goal of the afternoon.
15'Meanwhile at Kingsholm...
14'Gopperth scoots down the sideline before chipping through and Wyles gets a bad bounce and knocks on. Wasps scrum in midfield just short of the 22.
13'Bosch is buried in the tackle and Saracens penalised for incorrect entry at the ruck.
12'Saracens build from the scrum in Wasps territory.
12'Loose pass from Wasps and Daly knocks on. Frustrating for Wasps who've made some breaks but no points to show for it.
10'Saracens clear from the ruck. Le Roux finds Nathan Hughes who finds some space.
9'Willie le Roux makes a delicate break, finds Gopperth in support. Wasps look dangerous but Saracens doing enough to contain the threat.
8'Applause in the 8th minute at the Ricoh for former Wasps back row Ed Jackson having suffered a serious neck injury. Nice touch.
8'End to end play, plenty of boot to ball. Cipriani's kick is too heavy and it rolls dead. Scrum Saracens.
6'Beale with another mini-break, but he's brought down and then Saracens turnover the ball at the ruck.
5'Saracens clear for touch, Wasps line-out.
5'Burger's tackle on Cipriani was questionable. Close to the horizontal. Saracens awarded a free kick at the scrum.
3'Little knock on from Simpson at the ruck. Plenty of back-slapping from the Saracens players.
2'Cipriani smashed. The Premiership's best attack and defence going at it early doors.
2'Beale finds space, Simpson in support. Wasps into Saracens 22.
1'Wasps attack early through le Roux and Daly.
1'We are underway, finally!
1'Stage is set, kick-off moments away.
1'Exeter are down early against Gloucester. Chiefs, like Saracens and Wasps, are in the hunt for a home semifinal. We will keep you updated when we can from Kingsholm.
1'While we wait for kick-off at the Ricoh, there's been an early try from Harlequins lock James Horwill against Northampton Saints. Newcastle have an early lead over Championship-bound Bristol.
1'We've been told there's a 15 minute delay to kick-off at the Ricoh Arena as they try and get the fans into the stadium.
1'Good afternoon and welcome to the live commentary of Wasps against Saracens from the Ricoh Arena. Both sides have plenty to play for in the final round with a home semifinal up for grabs.
1'0-0 Start of first half