LTA chief Martin Corrie steps aside during investigation into coach

LTA President Martin Corrie has stepped aside during an investigation into an assault allegation against a coach. Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Lawn Tennis Association president Martin Corrie has temporarily "stepped aside" as the governing body investigates how a committee he was on dealt with a sexual assault allegation.

Corrie was a member of Hertfordshire County LTA's executive committee when an allegation concerning a coach was addressed in 2004.

The LTA has commissioned a fresh investigation following a complaint about that process which was made last December.

Corrie said in a statement: "This case concerns a coach who worked at Hertfordshire County LTA when I was a member of the executive committee and who was investigated and sanctioned by the LTA disciplinary committee at the time.

"As we are all aware, upholding the highest standards in dealing with safeguarding matters is important to the whole of British tennis.

"Therefore, in agreement with the board of the LTA, I believe it is right for me to step aside from my presidency during the course of this investigation.

"I would not wish my presence in this significant public role to become a distraction from the very good work the LTA is currently doing in the safeguarding arena."

LTA chairman David Gregson said: "It's essential that we move quickly as an organisation if or when a safeguarding issue is raised. The LTA has robust governance processes in place today to ensure that impartial investigations are undertaken into all such cases."