Raiders tweet thoughts on Eagles' Super Bowl LII victory over Patriots

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Oakland Raiders had no real rooting interest in Super Bowl LII, other than their fans have an intense dislike for the New England Patriots (Tuck Rule, anyone?).

But that did not mean Raiders players kept their emotions to themselves throughout the Philadelphia Eagles' 41-33 victory on Sunday. In fact, many Raiders took to social media to live-tweet their thoughts before, during and after the game.

Here is a sampling:

Jon Condo had an inkling as to what would go down about 10 minutes before kickoff.

Derek Carr seemed a tad confused as to who was playing on Super Sunday, no? ‘A’ for effort, though.

Bruce Irvin had a nickname for referee Gene Steratore, best known in the streets of Silver and Blackdom as the official who pulled out a folded index card/piece of paper to determine a first down for the Dallas Cowboys against the Raiders this season.

And when Brandin Cooks was knocked out by Malcolm Jenkins, Irvin offered his take.

Marquette King, the most fit punter in the NFL, took 40-year-old Tom Brady to task for not coming up with Damon Amendola's pass on a trick play.

But rookie tight end Pharaoh Brown liked what he saw on Nick Foles one-upping Brady on his TD catch.

Carr, who made a hilarious mock music video as a commercial last offseason, took a special shine to Justin Timberlake's halftime show. Yes, fringe is in. Apparently.

What’s a catch and what’s an incompletion and what’s a fumble? Even a right tackle like Marshall Newhouse was scratching his head over the confusion following Zach Ertz's confirmed TD, when he dived over the goal line after taking three steps but lost control of the ball when it hit the ground.

Irvin was 14 years old when the Tuck Rule launched the Patriots' dynasty. He is now a six-year NFL veteran who has his fingers on the pulse of Raider Nation when Brandon Graham strip-sacked Brady on a play that looked sickeningly familiar to Raiders fans.

No, Carl Weathers is not a current Oakland player (he was a Raiders linebacker in 1970 and 1971) and he is more known today as an actor (in particular as the fictional Apollo Creed from the Philadelphia-based "Rocky" movies). But Weathers also offered a thought, or two.

Oh, and the Raiders, with returning coach Jon Gruden, have 33-1 odds to win Super Bowl LIII next season in Atlanta, per Bovada.