Boxer Danielle Perkins calls for creation of women's heavyweight division

American Danielle Perkins has called for the creation of a women's heavyweight division. Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Female heavyweight boxer Danielle Perkins (11-0) has called for the creation of a women's heavyweight division, with her advisor believing she can become the face of the division.

Perkins, 38, who stands at six foot tall and weighs 200 pounds, has advocated for a heavyweight division for women with no women's champion of the division at this time.

"I want to put my mark on the sport as a female boxer, and to sit on the throne as a female heavyweight," she said to Sky Sports. "I want to invite anyone, everyone, who is athletic and strong to step into the ring and battle for the crown."

In the female ranks the heavyweight weight class begins at 175 pounds, with men's heavyweight beginning at 200 pounds. The American has become likened to WBC champion Tyson Fury for her incredible return to professional sports after being struck by a vehicle which temporarily paralyzed her and forced her to learn how to walk again.

"We need to have a female division for the Tyson Fury', the Anthony Joshuas, the Deontay Wilders," she said.

"If we had that athleticism and skill in a female heavyweight division, there would be so many people interested.... It is as important as the male division to have a solid, talented female heavyweight division."

Mark Taffet, Perkins' advisor, and also the advisor of Claressa Shields, has also joined calls for the creation of the division. He believes Perkins can be the fighter to lead the charge.

"I believe a true female heavyweight champion, both in and out of the ring, would catapult women's boxing and create intrigue and interest among a whole new generation of fans," he said. "Danielle Perkins is six feet tall, 200 pounds, is in tremendous shape, has outstanding boxing skills, and carries herself like a champion. She is the perfect woman to lead and fulfil the promise of a revitalized, prominent female heavyweight division."

Perkins is due to fight on March 5 in a rematch against Monika Harrison (2-1) on Shields' pay-per-view featuring only women's fights.