FAMU AD Kellen Winslow apologizes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida A&M athletic director Kellen Winslow has issued a statement apologizing "to those I have offended" with recent actions taken within the department.

Many students and alumni were critical of Winslow after he fired football coach Earl Holmes during homecoming week and after just 19 games.

Winslow wrote Wednesday: "Upon my arrival, it was evident that we had numerous issues that required immediate attention and I focused my energies on addressing those issues. Acting with the best of intentions and my zeal for positive changes, some of my actions were conveyed in a manner that were inconsistent with my goals and objectives."

He adds: "I pledge to be more mindful of my actions, my method of communicating, the difficulty of change, and the concerns of the FAMU family and supporters."

Winslow, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, is considered one of the NFL's best tight ends ever.