Match Centre

66 | (maiden) | NWW: 168/9

  • Ryan MacBeth0 (7b)
  • William Porterfield95 (192b)
  • Simi Singh25-11-36-2
  • Barry McCarthy19-8-51-5

Dark clouds have suddenly appeared and it's mizzling. Umpires conferring And it is getting heavier so covers have been called on and that will be tea Match State: Tea - Day 2

Well certainly wasn't forecast. But hopefully it will pass through quickly. It's been quite a session for Lightning, taking eight wickets for 69 runs and Warriors lead only 37 Hopefully we can start again in 20 minutes

Still raining so we will have a delayed restart and now hoping the rai doesn't last too long Match State: Delay - Day 2 - rain

The rain has stopped, the umpires have had a first look and will look again at 5.30pm

It's the same story as yesterday, unfortunately. The rain has done its worst to the square and no chance of any more play today. We start again for the last time tomorrow at 11am. Join me again then when we can but hope for a full day's play Match State: Stumps - Day 2

The news at the start of day 3 is that, after overnight rain, it is a wet Balrothery that greets us. We have a delayed start, with the next update after an inspection at 11.30 Result of the inspection is tat we will have an early lunch at 1pm and another inspection at 1.30. But if no more rain still hopeful of play Match State: Delay - Day 3 - rain And I'm afraid the umpires and captains have agreed that it is too wet to continue, the game has been called off without any play on the final day

It continues the sorry saga of this year's inter-provincial championship, five games played, all interrupted by rain and now five draws. Lightning increase their lead at the top of the table by one point, they take 11 to Warriors 10 here The final match is at Bready between Warriors and Knights, starting on August 27. For now from a damp Balrothery, good afteroon

Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Taken on the pad as he pushes forward
Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Way down leg and ignored
Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Inside edge past short leg's right hand
Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Bat-pad lobs up but just short of short leg
Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Forward defensive down the pitch
Simi Singh to MacBeth, no run, Defends into the leg side, slip, leg slip and short leg the close field

NW Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st52WTS PorterfieldR Allen
2nd53WTS PorterfieldAP Gillespie
3rd2WTS PorterfieldBI Louw
4th3WTS PorterfieldDA Rankin
5th9WTS PorterfieldAR McBrine
6th0WTS PorterfieldWT Smale
7th0WTS PorterfieldG Kennedy
8th42WTS PorterfieldGI Hume
9th1WTS PorterfieldCA Young
10th6WTS PorterfieldR MacBeth