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3.45pm That's all she wrote for today. Our man PDP confirms from the Grange that the first ODI has been abandoned without even the coin going up. Hopefully, the weather is brighter at your end. So, Dimuth Karunaratne has to wait for his ODI captaincy debut. Goodbye for now. Do come back for the second match. Cheers

Story of the day...

Mustafa Moudi: "2015 - Morgan was surprisingly named as England Skipper just before the World Cup and in 2019 England is the Top Contender of the World Cup.... Now in 2019 Karunaratne has been Surprisingly named the Skipper just before the World and the 2023 World Cup will be played in Indian Conditions(which is almost similar to SL condition)... #JustSaying"

3pm Right, no handshakes yet, says PDP from the Grange. We'll have another inspection at 3.30pm local time

Abhijato: "I've tuned into the match too, Mr Rajpal! Now he's leading 3-0. Nadal's a GOAT on clay courts and the favourite to win the French Open. However, what I remember whenever I say this is the last time Nadal was seemingly in unstoppable hitting form, Novak absolutely thrashed him in the AO final. That was on a hard court, but Djokovic is the second biggest contender for him. Similarly, England are on a sensational hitting form and will play on surfaces which suit them... But India isn't far behind!"

Vinod Rajpal: "Meanwhile Enjoying the semi-finals at Rome(Italy) Nadal vs Tsitsipas # NADAL -The King of Clay leading first set 2-0" --- You can also follow the scores here on ESPN

2.25pm Peter Della Penna from Edinburgh: News is that the umpires will have an inspection at 2:45. Things looking a lot more promising than they were 40 minutes ago. Covers still on the square but groundstaff working hard to get surface moisture off

Vinod Rajpal: "@Charles & @TK : It means Munsey is the Universe Boss of Associate Teams...Would love to see him bat today !"

2.10pm Good news from the Grange!

TK: "@Charles, If we do get a shortened game, Munsey is certainly one to look out for. One of associate cricket's most aggressive shorter format batsmen at the moment. Has a T20I strike are of 150 and recently scored a century off just 25 balls for Gloucestershire 2nd XI in England.Probably get a promotion to the 1st XI very soon"

1.50pm It's raining again. I'm afraid there's nothing new to report

Evyatar Rubin: "Buying tickets for a cricket game in Scotland must be one of the more optimistic acts on earth"

Peter: "Bangladesh have an good chance to win this World Cup"

Charles: "@sandaru - I take it you've never heard of George Munsey? He's the biggest hitter in the world right now!"

Peter: "Bangladesh have an good chance to win this World Cup"

Sandaru Herath: "A reduced game will favour the sri lankans.They have power hitters like Perera,Udana,Jeevan down the order while most of the Scotland batsmen are accumilators rather than big strikers. However Coetzer and Macloed will be key for Scotland's chances!"

Neil Visser: "Will be really good if they can make a game of the current situation. Look how the Ireland Tri-series final turned out, a very thrilling game from 24 overs per side. Congrats Bangladesh chasing 210 in 24 overs. Definitely dark horses in the World Cup. Just wish the ICC kept the same format as 2011 and 2015. Include the associates regardless if some games will be one sided. If cricket wants to be global you need teams like Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland, UAE and of course the USA. " -- Yes, some great hitting from Sarkar and Mosaddek yesterday. My colleague and hero Anuj Vignesh is a MASSIVE FAN of Sarkar. He sure enjoyed it yesterday and is backing him to do well at the World Cup too

1.15 pm New Sri Lanka captain Dimuth Karunaratne spoke to Peter Della Penna about his unexpected promotion. The last ODI he played was in the 2015 World Cup and now he's the leader of the squad. Watch the video here

More updates from PDP: "Rain getting heavier now at the Grange. Groundstaff have walked off the field. Realistically this burst has to stop in the next hour if there's going to be any chance of a match today. They'll need two hours to get the ground ready before the 4:17 cutoff for play to begin for T20"

Btw, there is some cricket happening not too far away from Edinburgh.

1.00 pm Yay!

In case you're wondering about the Scotland players, they're already at the Grange, playing a strange concoction of rubgy and football. Rugball!

For us to have at least a 20-overs-a- side game, we'll have to get going by 4.17 pm. The official end of play today is 6.30 pm but the umpires can push that back by an hour to try and squeeze a game in. Also remember that it takes one to two hours to dry out the ground after the weather clears.

Sri: "FIFA WC 32 teams. 48 teams in 2026 Rugby WC 20 teams Hockey WC 16 teams But Cricket WC from 14 or 16teams to 10 teams Yyyy ICC"

Isaac Marshall: "Should have been a 16 team World Cup. Scotland, Ireland, Zimbabwe, UAE, Hong Kong, USA, Netherlands and Papua New Guinea are all playing great cricket at the moment."

12.45 pm Uh oh!

12.35 pm An inspection of the ground is scheduled for 1.30 pm.

PS - the women's teams from Pakistan and South Africa are playing a highly entertaining limited-overs cricket. Tune in to that by clicking here

Meanwhile, here's a bit of simmering, soon to be raging, hot new cricket rivalry. Watch West Indies captain Jason Holder setting his sights on a team that he really really really wants to beat (Also shows off some of his golfing skills)

Salil: "I've often wondered why common sense isn't applied when its a rainy day like today. Can't we simply curtail the game to 20 overs in advance? And why is the cut off 4:17, and not around 6 pm, as sun sets around 9:30?" --- Maaaaaybe cause people actually have other things to do besides whacking a cricket ball? Shocking, I know, but such is life

12.05 pm A. Sensarma: "Counting today, Sri Lanka and Scotland would have met thrice. In 2011, 2015, and 2019. In those gaps of four years, the condition of the former team worsened - in 2011 they were excellent and made the WC finals, in 2015 they were good enough to make the WC quarters, and in 2019 they will most probably be stuck in the group stage. The latter team has improved vastly. In 2011 they were mediocre, in 2015 they were good, and in 2019 they have been excellent. Time is ripe to pull off another upset!"

sachit: "Sri Lanka have little to gain in this world cup other than realizing they're light years behind the other teams - BUT they are a side that has had a heartening performance in tests of late - with that in mind i really still wish Dimuth Karunaratne ended up playing for the County championship than take up the captaincy of a team that is destined to fail and dent his morale. " Now now, it's not nice to make foregone conclusions like that. People felt the same way about Pakistan in the Champions Trophy and guess what happened there.

Tom : "Such a bittersweet summer for both Scotland and Ireland. Both hugely improve their standard of cricket but the ICC essentially exclude them from the World Cup. Nevermind they get a bumper crop of home internationals, except with the world cup and an Ashes series in the same year these ODIs get forced into May where both countries have horribly unpredictable weather! " --- So basically not only do they get picked last in PE, they end up blindfolded, with laces tied to each other.

11.55am Alrighty then. We're dangerously close to the territory for losing overs. It takes the ground anywhere between one and two hours to get ready after rain stops - and the rain hasn't stopped. So once the clock ticks over to 12.30 pm and there's still no sign of cricket out there, it means we're probably in for a shortened game

Abhijato: "Calum MacLeod might just be the best Associate batsman in the world right now. He's played the big knocks when it's mattered the most time and again... To add to his impressive list of centuries against the best in the world, he played an excellent knock of 100 recently (albeit against a depleted Afghan attack). While the rains today might give him lesser time (or no time), I'm expecting him to be the main man for Scotland if they're to pull off an upset in this series!"

Peter Della Penna: Ground staff have walked out to start removing surface moisture off the covers. First encouraging signs we've seen all morning as the drizzle slows to a trickle. Teams still haven't left their hotels yet though

Rain continues to threaten Karunaratne's ODI captaincy debut. Here's how he uses other players to get ahead

Stephan: "Whilst Sri Lanka, as a nation, are in desperate need of a morale boost with a good performance from their team, it is difficult to see this squad making any real inroads into this tournament. 8 years on, the "partisan cronies" that Kumar Sangakarra highlighted in his Cowdrey lecture in 2011 appear to still be hampering the development of Sri Lankan cricket. A complete restructure is required to detach political motives away from sport in order to see Sri Lankan cricket flourish again. "

Melaka: "Given all that's happened to Sri Lanka Cricket and the nation itself, SL really need this win to not only lift the spirits of the team but of all those back home as well."

Vinod Rajpal: "Can't go Out in this summer heat in Mumbai & no Cricket inside !! Weekend getting Spoiled !"

Shariq : "The associates hardly get a big game and it's always destroyed by rain, be it Scotland or Ireland. "

Shivam: "@nayan I will do one better also....1 India 2 England 3 Australia 4 South Africa 5 New Zealand 6 Bangladesh 7 West Indies 8 Pak 9 Afghan 10 Sri Lanka my points table for the world cup"

Shakir khan: "I play county cricket in London for last 6 years and its rainy season in may every year , every year we have at least 2 matches washed out due to rain but come end of May and we have proper cricketing weather to play so I am sure world cup games will not be affected at all"

Ravi jindal: "What i have noticed is that, the dutch and the Scottish are very competitive teams and have fair amount of following for cricket, so why not give them full status? Same goes for Nepal as well. I think these three countries will add more fans to cricket."

Pradeep: "That is some prediction Peter. What does your crystal ball say about my impending promotion this year? I am willing to pay for your service given your past record. "

Nayan: "@Peter -- I'll do you one better. Here's my predicted semi-finalists at the World Cup. India, England, Australia and South Africa. When the Saffers don't choke on the big stage to life their first global trophy, remember... You heard it here first :)"

Pasan Chamikara: "Really looking forward to see how the new batting heavy batting lineup for Sri Lanka works. Batsmen till No.9. But still bowling is a concern, though it might not make a huge difference."

Peter: "@OB Jato (Abhijato) - it's going to be a huge problem during the World Cup. Hopefully the knockouts don't witness any of the rain-shortened affairs, or even washouts! Which does remind me I have a prediction from my own crystal ball. Australia will qualify in the semis of the tournament with the help of an extra point from a rained-out match... Mark my words!"

OB Jato: "Ireland, England and now Scotland -- the Europeans love their rain during the cricket, eh?"

10.50am Does Mahela Jayawardene remember who took a hat-trick in 2015 to knock Sri Lanka out of the World Cup? Do you? Watch this video and find out

10.30am While we wait for the start, here's a replug of this TCM photo feature: Wet,wet, wet

Sri Lanka A side will be travelling to India later this month. Sri Lanka's national spin coach Piyal Wijetunge will be travelling with the team to get frontline spinners Akila Dananjaya and Lakshan Sandakan in tip-top shape. Who else made the cut?

Sameera Tharang: "Want to see SL playing aggressive cricket in WC. This was the simple strategy in 1996 WC to win all the games. "

10.20am Hang on, PDP doesn't bring us good news I'm afraid: :Both teams haven't even left their hotels to come to the ground. Rain continuing and actually getting thicket from a drizzle to light shower. Grim forecast. Frustrating for Cricket Scotland, who had sold out the ground for today."

Rishab: "Who do you think will take the more wickets today and score more runs???? Udana ??? Coetzer????" --- The weather is ruling the roost for now...

DanielAlexander: "Congratulations to Dimuth Karunaratne on his ODI captaincy debut. won SA Test 2-0 in his Test debut and became the first and only Asian Test captain to win a Test series v SA in SA "

10.15am Hello, ladies and gents. The World Cup is 12 days away and this short two-match ODI series against Scotland at the Grange cricket club gives Sri Lanka a chance to tune up in the lead-up to the showpiece event. Sri Lanka have lost all of their last eight ODIs, but they have a reputation of being minnow bashers. So, watch out Scotland. Peter Della Penna sets up the scene in his preview from Edinburgh.