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Finch: "We want game 1 to get underway (Laughs). Feels like we are ready to go. Practice games are great to keep ticking the boxes and ensure we are doing our basics well. Great position compared to 12 months ago when we were trying to fill spots. Guys are putting their hands up, and it will be a brutal selection call come our first game. We have specific plans against Afghanistan, they have some world class players."

Karunaratne: "We got some positives. A 50-run start, but after that we lost key wickets. We needed some good partnerships. The cold is not easy too (laughs). Udana and Fernando are fine. Malinga, we gave some rest, because we want him for whole nine matches, so need to take care of him. We need to see how we can improve in the coming matches. We are excited for the first game of the World Cup. But we will try to have fun in these five days. We'll give our best for 1st June."

Khawaja: "Felt good. Nice to get some time in the middle. To win another game means a lot more. Knee is sore, apparently the boys said that the sound hitting the knee was very loud (laughs). There is no competition between Shaun Marsh and me, I love batting with him. Just enjoying each others' company."

5.45pm So two wins in a row for Australia before their World Cup campaign begins. Two losses for Sri Lanka. One good sign for Sri Lanka was Thirimanne's performance. Their pacers were solid too, their spinners slightly disapponting. As for spinners, Australia's were excellent. They had four men bowl spin - Smith, Lyon, Zampa and Maxwell - and they all took wickets. Khawaja was excellent with the bat too, and despite his injury, looked in stellar form. Stick around for reactions from both captains.

Red Dirt: "Actually, it is three wins in a row - West Indies, England and Sri Lanka."

Nalin: "Sri Lanka survived the 50 overs. Posted a below par but decent total. Got half of the opposition out. Took the game to the last 10 overs. It has been a good day for us Sri Lankan fans "

Vandersay to Carey, FOUR runs, over mid off! Full, on off, and smacked over the infield. Australia win by 5 wickets
Vandersay to Cummins, 1 run,
Vandersay to Cummins, no run, back of a length on middle, and pulled along the ground to deep midwicket
Vandersay to Carey, 1 run, full outside leg stump, and he drives through the ball's line to long on
Vandersay to Cummins, 1 run, length ball, on off, and fended off the back foot to cover. They scamper across

44 | 5 Runs | AUS: 234/5 (6 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 5.31, RRR: 1.00)

  • Alex Carey13 (24b)
  • Pat Cummins7 (8b)
  • Jeevan Mendis10-0-54-0
  • Jeffrey Vandersay7-0-44-2
BMAJ Mendis to Carey, FOUR runs, full outside off, and he flays a late cut cast psat the fielder at point for four. Just six needed

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16AJ FinchUT Khawaja
2nd80SE MarshUT Khawaja
3rd65UT KhawajaGJ Maxwell
4th42UT KhawajaMP Stoinis
5th15UT KhawajaAT Carey
6th23AT CareyPJ Cummins