10.32 pm: Well that ends the T20I series leg. It's been great fun bringing it to you. Will be even more fun when the Test series rolls around I'm sure, so make sure you join us for that one. Till then, this is Saurabh signing off on behalf of Karthik and Chandan.

Virat Kohli: Exactly what we wanted to do and that's going to be the template we'll follow for games we have before the World Cup (on opting to bat after winning the toss). The mindset has to be flexible and to try out things when situations are stacked against us. We will have games like this where we don't execute what we want. But as long as the intent is there to improve, we'll be in a good zone. I think South Africa bowled well, the pitch suited them in the first innings and we weren't able to read the tempo of the game well. I would say only in T20 cricket (where chasing is easier). In one-day cricket you have time for the bowlers to come back, but here a partnership of 40-50 can take the game away from you. One good partnership and you're under the pump even if you're defending 200. The squad composition we'll try to get right as soon as we can. The guys who have done well in the domestic circuit are getting opportunities, so it's not like we are playing random people. You have to understand as well that it's a very young side, you have to give them time as a team to come together. We batted till 9 tonight, and that's one area we're looking to strengthen.

Quinton de Kock is the Man of the Series: I think we kept it nice and simple. Focused on hitting a good length. Our spinners kept it tight too. Beuran bowled really well, he's got the skills. Sometimes it's better on these wickets to take the pace off. We fixed one or two things from our mistakes in the last game. Our intensity in the field has also been really good.

Beuran Hendricks is the Man of the Match: It was just one of those games where things worked for me. I have bowled better than this. Lots of hard work put in behind the scenes, so happy with that. I don't really look at the pitch when we come out to warm up. Overhead conditions meant some swing, once I assess that, don't need to change much.

10.21 pm: Presentation time.

Watch (US only): Massive Bavuma six wins it for South Africa

Shanthosh: "Should we count the number of boundaries to see who won the series?" - that joke's going to be around as long as cricket is played isn't it?

Watch (US only) - Stunning Kohli catch removes Hendricks

Sabu: "T20, Bengaluru and Kohli as Captain does not go well together for any team he leads I guess"

10.08 pm: Temba Bavuma: "I got my debut in T20Is at a time when I didn't really expect it. But saying that, the selectors and coaches showed a lot of faith in me and it was up to me to repay that faith. I should just have the mindset of looking to score. I don't have the power of a Gayle or Pollard so it's about picking the gaps. (on his six) I surprised myself! To ensure we go with a victory is a good thing, we'll take confidence from it. We've got a Test series coming up and we know that will be tough."

Murali Krishnan: "Two one sided chases by each teams with one rain washed away match. Given this and being an away series for South Africa, can we safely say that SA won the drawn T20 Series, especially their chasing win today was better than India's a few days ago? " - Well the series is drawn so no one 'won', but yes, South Africa should be the happier side.

10.04 pm: A comprehensive nine-wicket win to level the series for South Africa. Quinton de Kock was dominant and classy, and his pick up shots over square leg were a sight to behold. India's bowlers had no answers to his hitting. To use a much abused cliche, he properly 'led from the front'. The bowling set it up, with India's slightly helter-skelter approach after pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and some intelligent bowling combining for a below-par total.

KH Pandya to Bavuma, SIX runs, finishes it in style! Short ball and he rocks back and pulls it powerfully and with good connection, muscling it over wide long-on
KH Pandya to Bavuma, no run, fuller on the stumps, flicked to square leg. But they won't win yet because Jadeja swoops in and rifles a throw to the keeper
KH Pandya to Bavuma, 2 runs, fuller on the stumps, and he paddles it fine once again, nicely done, to fine leg. Scores level
KH Pandya to Bavuma, no run, angled in on the stumps, defended solidly on the front foot
KH Pandya to de Kock, 1 run, slightly short of a length and de Kock was looking to pull through midwicket but gets it a bit higher on the bat to send it rolling to long-on

4 to get. Will de Kock try to get there with one shot, or with singles?

Arun: "Well, somehow this bad performance by India doesn't rankle me. Trials and errors are a part of team building process. This trial is turning out to be a huge error but I guess the team is learning a lot in the process. So, all's well."