Player of the Match
Player of the Match

68 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | ZIM: 231/10

  • Blessing Muzarabani4 (24b)
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi20-5-52-5
  • Tabish Khan11-3-46-0

9.54 am So the fourth day lasts just over 20 minutes. Pakistan seal a two-Test sweep by an innings and 147 runs. Afridi carries the ball holding it up in the air as the players walk off the field to shake hands.

Here's the post-match presentation. Player of the Match is Abid Ali for his double century. Meanwhile, the Player of the Series is Hasan Ali for his twin five-wicket hauls in the first and second Tests. "First I would like to thank almighty Allah. It's been a good tour for me. The pitch wasn't good for bowling, getting slower every day. But the plan was simple, keep bowling stump to stump and let the batsmen make mistakes. Whenever you execute well, it's a pleasurable moment for me. I want to thank other bowlers who were doing good and supporting me as well, Shaheen and Nauman Ali bowling very well in the second innings as well. I'm very happy. I had hard work in the previous one year. It is paying off and I'm looking forward to continue this performance for my team."

"I would have liked a few more positives. To finish both games in three days or just after three days, we were a little bit off the mark there. We've got a lot of things to address, particularly off the batting. The wicket played well enough to take it five days. I can't fault the guys efforts. It's a young side full of enthusiasm. They are very skillful and difficult bowlers so if you just try to survive it can be a little bit tricky. I tried to take the attack to them and hoped the field would spread."

That'll do it from us for this series. On behalf of Abhishek Purohit and the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Congrats to Pakistan on the Test series sweep. Wishing an early Eid Mubarak to everyone following this match around the world. Take care!

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, OUT, there it is! History for Pakistan! First time they've had three bowlers with a five-wicket haul in the same Test and only sixth time overall in Test cricket history. First time since 1993! Afridi bowled it in the channel on fifth stump, Jongwe didn't have to play at this but was teased into this from the around the wicket angle as it seamed away a touch and held its line off the wicket, he pokes well away from his body with no footwork and a thick edge carries low to Rizwan shuffling to his right in front of first slip.

LM Jongwe c †Mohammad Rizwan b Shaheen Shah Afridi 37 (97m 70b 7x4 0x6) SR: 52.85

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, no run, spears this in full on the legs, misses a flick to midwicket, big appeal for lbw but more so in hope than belief. It was sliding comfortably down leg coming around the wicket angle, contact was made well outside leg stump.
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, no run, short ball again on fourth stump, leaves it alone again.
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, no run, short ball on off, ducks under this.
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, no run, good length ball on middle, defended.
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, 1 no ball, fullish length on off, prods forward and squirts a thick edge that skids along the turf to gully. Afridi called for an overstep as well.
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jongwe, no run, good length ball on off, defends at this and it beats the edge.

67 | 4 Runs | ZIM: 230/9

  • Blessing Muzarabani4 (24b)
  • Luke Jongwe37 (63b)
  • Tabish Khan11-3-46-0
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi19-5-51-4

yuen: "peter, stanley cup playoffs on the horizon, who u backing mate?" As an avid craps player, gotta go with the Vegas Golden Knights! Best record in the regular season. Made it to the Stanley Cup Finals a few years ago. They can go one better this time around and get their names engraved on the Cup.

Tabish Khan to Muzarabani, FOUR, good length ball on middle, punches this on the up through mid-on for a boundary to get off the mark.
Tabish Khan to Muzarabani, no run, good length ball angled into the pads, inside edge off the thigh caroms to gully.

Zimbabwe 3rd innings Partnerships

1st13KT KasuzaTK Musakanda
2nd50RW ChakabvaKT Kasuza
3rd79BRM TaylorRW Chakabva
4th28RW ChakabvaM Shumba
5th18LM JongweM Shumba
6th8DT TiripanoLM Jongwe
7th0R KaiaLM Jongwe
8th9TS ChisoroLM Jongwe
9th0LM JongweR Ngarava
10th26LM JongweB Muzarabani