Player of the Match
Player of the Match

121 | 7 Runs | IND-W: 344/8

  • Sneh Rana80 (154b)
  • Taniya Bhatia44 (88b)
  • Georgia Elwiss3-1-8-0
  • Kate Cross15-6-43-0

Now the captains have their photos taken either side of the LV Trophy, and that will conclude the presentation. Two points each for England and India in the multi-format series. We'll be back for the first ODI on Sunday, but until then, this is Matt Roller signing off on behalf of Alan, Vishal, Ranjith and Shashank. Thanks for joining us across the last four days!

Heather Knight: "[Draw feels like a defeat?] Not a defeat at all. We can take positives from this match. We really tried to force a result. The girls were amazing, Sophie Ecclestone bowled 60-odd overs. The pitch was a bit dead and wasn't giving them a huge amount. We were running out of time and the rain probably didn't help. [Tired bodies?] Yeah, but we're a fit bunch and there's a week or so until the next game. We'll rest up and come back for the first ODI. [Bowlers] I can't fault their effort. It was a hard pitch to force wickets on when India decided to shut up shop. We tried everything but couldn't quite force it. Proud of the resilience that we've got in that team. [Ecclestone] I love captaining her. She's a real weapon. Really chuffed for her. Gutted she couldn't get that first five-for. Some good young talent with Sophia Dunkley performing the way she did on debut. [ODI/T20I leg] We'll take some really good things out of this game. We weren't that far off taking 20 wickets. What a series it is lined up. Shafali was outstanding. Should be a really great ODI series then going into the T20s. It's been brilliant. Shame it ended with a bit of a fizzle but I think it's been great: some skill on show, some aggressive cricket. We were positive and took options to take the game forward where we could. Good advert to have more and maybe even play a five-day Test match."

Mithali Raj is next up. "I think it's amazing. After the first-innings collapse and being put in to follow-on, Sneh Rana stood up, Deepti Sharma played a very important and crucial role, and Sneh was supported by the other players like Taniya and Shikha. The debutantes stood up when it was required. When we have a positive environment in the dressing room and players without much experience in red ball, they don't come in with a lot of baggage. This Test match will definitely go down as one of the most important because we're coming back and playing the red-ball [format] after a seven-year gap. [No left-arm spinner?] We wanted to have batting depth. [Shafali] She's a player who comes once in a generation. We're just happy to have her on our side. [ODI/T20I leg] It reflected the character of the youngers when they were pushed into a corner. We saw how they came back from the situation we were in at tea. I'm sure we're going to build on this."

Now for the presentation. Lots of strong candidates for player of the match. I'd go for Shafali Verma but Sneh Rana is a great option too. Yep, they've chosen Shafali Verma. "Thanks to our team for supporting me in my journey," she says, voice breaking a little. "I was just thinking to play to my strengths, and with confidence, and according to my cricket, that's it. [Senior players] are always giving my experience and they compliment me before going out to bat. That's so much for me. I was so disappointed [to miss the hundred]. I just want to be a good cricketer for my side, that's it."

Some reaction from Sneh Rana on Sky: "So proud to have a partnership between us, with Taniya, Harman and Shikha Pandey, most importantly at that time. Feeling really great that I'm able to contribute something for my team. [Attitude?] I just thought stick to your basics, and play according to that ball, that's it. I just played according to the ball only. One loose ball, and I made it to the boundary, that's it. It's an emotional moment for me, being picked by an India team after five long years. That's an emotional and really proud moment for me. From here, I'm taking so much confidence. I loved to play Brunt, I've never played her, so it's a great confidence coming in."

There will be lots of talk about whether or not the captains could have tried to set a run chase up, but personally, I'm glad they didn't. This was a hard-fought, high-quality Test with natural ebbs and flows, and there's a certain romance in the draw that goes missing in an artificial chase. Plenty of evidence as to why women's Tests should be more regular already, without needing to set something up.

Vipin: "13 overs remaining, shouldn't they continue to give Sneh a shot at much deserved Century!! Even Taniya was 6 short of Fifty.. why, why why??" -- Knight offered the draw to Raj, who said yes. Simple as that. England had set the field so deep for Rana that it would have been tough to get there.

6.15pm At tea, the Indians may have hoped for the weather to intervene. Now as Heather Knight offers to call it off, they'll surely be left wondering what if this Test had a fifth day. This has been no mean feat from India's lower order. Two women on debut have combined to pull off a great escape.

Taniya Bhatia was on a pair as she came out at No. 10, two positions below where she should've been. That's pressure enough, because in a sense you're always thinking the team management doesn't rate you highly. So to come out and do what she has takes incredible effort.

Then there's Sneh Rana, among those not offered a contract by the BCCI. But this performance must give her a lot of confidence. Don't see her being dropped in the immediate future at least. She's made the most of her opportunities with both bat and ball.

England gave it everything they had. Remember, it isn't easy to bowl two full days straight. For much of it, though, they had the intensity and venom. But they just couldn't finish off the job. Were they tired? Perhaps not. Credit where due, to India's lower order.

What this means to the points table in the multi-format series? India 2-2 England. The teams will head into the ODI series on an even keel. Stick around for the post-match presentation

Mayank Shekhar: "As good a partnership this to draw a match that I have seen. To do what is needed. Not comparing but keeping in mind the occasion and quality of opposition, on par with Ashwin and Vihari earlier in the year."

Elwiss to Rana, FOUR, that has been walloped into the leg side, over deep square! This is a friendly length ball angling in, Rana advances down the pitch and brings her wrists into play as she flicks this up and over. Incredible. The century stand has been raised, Knight shakes hands and India have pulled off an incredible draw!
Elwiss to Bhatia, (no ball) 1 run, they'll take a single off the dab
Elwiss to Bhatia, no run, dabs this gently to short third

IND Women 3rd innings Partnerships

1st29S MandhanaShafali Verma
2nd70DB SharmaShafali Verma
3rd72PG RautDB Sharma
4th4M RajPG Raut
5th0PG RautH Kaur
6th14H KaurP Vastrakar
7th10H KaurS Rana
8th41S PandeyS Rana
9th104S RanaT Bhatia