Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Well, on that note, I'll wrap things up there for this match and this Ashes. It's not been the tight contest we all hoped for (I think even most Australians will agree to that!) but the home side have played some very good cricket and they are building a strong team. What to say about England? They are in a mess in Test cricket and have a lot of work to do. They return to Test action in March against West Indies and Australia will be in Pakistan. It's been a lot of fun bringing you the action over the last few weeks - huge credit both sides and the boards for keeping the series going in difficult times - and remember the Women's Ashes starts in just a few days. We'll be back for coverage of that multi-format series. For now, though, from Gnasher, Matt, Miller, Alan, Val, Alex and everyone else who helped with the coverage it's goodbye and thanks for your company.

Travis Head is Player of the Match and the Series (who wins the Compton-Miller medal) "Great to have an impact, probably look at this [hundred] being better. The conditions, situation we were in, to be able to play a role and win a Test is pretty special. I've worked on a lot of things over the last couple of years and I didn't quite the opportunities and after 19 Tests I had a reasonable idea of what the expectation was and was so eager to get back. It helps batting behind a couple of blokes who average 60."

Pat Cummins "It's pretty crazy. Even as a professional cricketer these are the series you have in your diary a couple of years out. To be at the end of a five-Test series with so many positives - winning 4-0 - it's huge so really pumped. I'm really happy as a captain, not sure Nathan Lyon agrees with me...think that's been a highlight, not only the 11 guys playing but we've had about 15 players used and some really tough calls to leave out high quality players. Really feels like we are building to something big. To have someone like Cameron Green in his second year to grow as a batter and bowler as well as some of the younger players then the hold stalwarts like Scotty Boland and all the old-pros continue their form. Can't wait to show our wares overseas, we really judge ourselves in all conditions."

Joe Root "It's been a really tough tour. We've played good cricket in parts, just not been able to structure a whole game together. It's something we have to learn from and not go away and keep making the same mistakes. It's pretty obvious we need to be putting more runs on the board. Too often we've not given our bowlers enough to work. We've been outplayed in all areas and credit to Australia."

Sampath Bandarupalli has a couple of stats for you:

1312 - Sixth shortest Test match in terms of balls since 1910 where all 40 wickets fell.

8th Test defeat for Joe Root in Australia as captain. Equals Brian Lara's 8 defeats in South Africa - the record for most defeats as a visiting skipper in a country.

Mark: "As an England fan, this is the right result for the long term, makes it much harder for the ECB to hide from reality (though they will probably try). 3-1 would have been underserved and so harsh on Australia."

Mustafa Moudi: "England lost this series by 0-4 and takes points 0-4 (-4) from this series after losing 8 Points to over rate !!"

9.57pm: Australia win by 146 runs, and win the series 4-0. This has been abject from England, though who expected anything different on the evidence of what we'd seen earlier in the tour? They fought well for the first two sessions, Wood taking his first-ever six-for in Tests and the opening pair adding 68. But Australia have been rampant under lights: Green, Cummins and Boland took three wickets each, with Starc getting Stokes for good measure. Beaming smiles and celebrations from Australia as we wait for the presentation.

Ricky Ponting on Channel 7: "On performance there's absolutely no way that Justin Langer cannot continue on as head coach of this Australian cricket team."

Sandon: "I think we all expected an England collapse, yet they still managed to outdo themselves. Can't say I'm too disappointed as an Aussie but I was prepared for a pretty exciting fourth day at tea."

Imran S: "Had the declaration come a little early in Sydney this would have been a white wash."

Andy C: "56-10 in 22.5 is ignominious even by England's standards. Root should follow Kohli's lead, then let Stokes have a go, then bring back Brearley..."

Shah Zaib: "So Patty Cummins ends the series as the leading wicket taker and to go with excellent captaincy." -- Here are the series stats... tough call for player of the series! Cummins, Boland, Starc, Green, Head all strong candidates.

Anas: "England once again came to Australia 4 - nothing"

Anay: "Nathan Lyon with one of the all-time performances." -- TFC!

Cummins to Robinson, OUT, cleaned up by a full-bunger! England lose nine wickets in the nighttime session, and 10 for 56 all told. Robinson backed away to leg and threw the bat. Cummins' yorker was overpitched, but Robinson had stepped too far back to reach it, and watched it miss the toe and crash into the base of off stump

OE Robinson b Cummins 0 (7m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Cummins to Broad, 1 run, back of a length, flashed out to deep point on the cut

Stuart Broad walks out at No. 11. I don't think he'll be thinking about taking this game into a fourth day... three men out on the pull.

Cummins to Wood, OUT, pulled into his own stumps! An undignified end to a solid series from Wood. He knew it would be short, jumping across to the off side, but was rushed on the hook and bottom-edged it straight into the base of middle. England have lost 9 for 55

MA Wood b Cummins 11 (11m 7b 2x4 0x6) SR: 157.14

Cummins to Wood, FOUR, clubbed over mid-off! Wood is doing his best to earn himself a BBL deal for next winter. Clears the front leg as Cummins drops shorter, and slaps it over the infield
Cummins to Wood, FOUR, carved through point! Cummins lands his yorker, but Wood backs away to leg and has a swing. Hits him low on the bat, and he skews it away square

Ollie Robinson at No. 10, at the non-striker's end. Boland gets his customary ovation as he walks down to fine leg.

38 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | ENG: 115/8

  • Mark Wood3 (4b)
  • Scott Boland12-5-18-3
  • Pat Cummins12-3-33-1
Boland to Woakes, OUT, blinder from Carey! Woakes decides it's time to tee off and throws the bat at it, looking to slog through the leg side. Fullish length, thick outside edge, and Carey clings onto it, flinging himself to his right. It sticks in the webbing between his thumb and index finger... Australia are two wickets away from 4-0!

CR Woakes c †Carey b Boland 5 (15m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 45.45

Boland to Woakes, no run, short, aimed at the right shoulder. Woakes swishes at the pull and fails to connect
Boland to Woakes, no run, on a length, steered into the gully on the bounce

England 4th innings Partnerships

1st68RJ BurnsZ Crawley
2nd14DJ MalanZ Crawley
3rd1JE RootZ Crawley
4th9JE RootBA Stokes
5th9JE RootOJ Pope
6th6SW BillingsOJ Pope
7th0CR WoakesOJ Pope
8th8CR WoakesMA Wood
9th8MA WoodOE Robinson
10th1SCJ BroadOE Robinson