Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That is that from Lord's. England have hit back to make it 1-1, as we now head over to the series decider at Old Trafford on Sunday. See you soon, and until then, it's many thanks from Raghav, Chandan, Hemant, and me, Himanshu!

Of course, Reece Topley is the Player of the Match: "That was a terrific team performance... Just happy that it came off. It [today] means a lot. Of course everyone dreams to play for England... It's a big game at the weekend, try and wrap up the series. Hopefully, we do that, and whatever is next."

Jos Buttler is smiling today: "We didn't bat our best, but will still got to a challenging score. Traditionally, it has been a bat-first wicket... I think it's the mark of the guys... We were still positive. David Willey and Moeen Ali put on a great partnership. We needed to take early wickets, and put them under pressure. [On Topley] He has been fantastic. It was a special day. Happy to get a win. The team has been doing some great things for a number of years. Fantastic to show that character today."

Rohit Sharma will speak first: "We bowled pretty well. They had the partnership in the middle with Moeen and Willey. Not that the target wasn't chaseable, we just didn't get there. [On the dropped catch of Willey] If you want to win games, you have to take those catches... All in all, we bowled well. We just didn't bat well. I thought the pitch would get better, but there was something for the bowlers throughout. [Is the long tail an issue?] That has been there for a long time now... We have enough of bowling options, but we do understand we have a long tail. One of the top-order guys must bat as long as possible... A lot to look forward to. We will get there, see the conditions and adapt."

Career-best figures for Topley, who combined with Willey to set the tone for a quiet start by India. Hang around for the presentations as we wrap this up.

Sanjay Yadav: "The only problem with this Indian team is that none of the batters can contribute with ball and none of the bowler can contribute with bat. Earlier, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Ganguly , Yuvraj and Raina could bowl, and Kumble, Harbhajan, Zaheer could bat."

Billy: "Even if Prasidh had caught him on one and England made no runs after that, England would have still won by 2 runs!" --- Ah, something for Prasidh to take heart from...

Ben K: "Kudos to the person who wrote in early asking about a 100 run loss v a 10 wicket loss. He got that spot on!"

8.07pm England win by 100 runs in a throwback to a typical ODI from the 1990s: a middling score of 246 batting first, which is not successfully chased down by the team batting second. Not even a half-century scored in the match, as bowlers - both spin and pace - dominated at Lord's, with Moeen, Willey and Topley leading the charge.

Topley to Prasidh Krishna, OUT, gone, nicked behind! Topley hits back with six wickets to topple India, after Bumrah got as many two days back. Topley takes 6 for 24, as England level the series. It is the best ever figures for England in men's ODIs too. Good length ball on middle and off, as Prasidh has a push away from hid body without any foot movement. Got a faint edge to Buttler, who takes it easily

M Prasidh Krishna c †Buttler b Topley 0 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Topley to Prasidh Krishna, no run, good length ball just outside off, and he shoulders arms
Topley to Prasidh Krishna, no run, short of a length on middle and off, as Prasidh tries to sway his bat away, but gets a tap to slip
Topley to Prasidh Krishna, 1 wide, wide ball. Bangs it in short outside leg, and far from Prasidh's reach, who lets it go

Prasidh... how he will be wishing he had caught Willey on 1.

Topley to Chahal, OUT, got him, there is five for Topley! Topley leaping to celebrate the milestone. Bowls with an upright seam on a good length on middle and leg, as Chahal isn't really forward while trying to have a push at that. The ball finds its way to hit middle and off, as Topley and England see the stumps broken

YS Chahal b Topley 3 (11m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 23.07

Topley to Chahal, no run, a good tap to cover, as he comes forward to this full ball on middle

38 | 4 Runs | IND: 145/8 (102 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 3.81, RRR: 8.50)

  • Jasprit Bumrah2 (6b)
  • Yuzvendra Chahal3 (11b)
  • Liam Livingstone2-1-4-1
  • Reece Topley9-2-23-4
Livingstone to Bumrah, no run, leading edge to short third. Bumrah tries to flick this full ball on middle, which is tossed up, but plays too early
Livingstone to Chahal, 1 run, another full delivery, but this is outside off. Driven to deep point
Livingstone to Chahal, no run, full again, but on middle and leg. Nudged to midwicket

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4S DhawanRG Sharma
2nd23S DhawanV Kohli
3rd2V KohliRR Pant
4th2V KohliSA Yadav
5th42SA YadavHH Pandya
6th28RA JadejaHH Pandya
7th39RA JadejaMohammed Shami
8th0RA JadejaJJ Bumrah
9th5YS ChahalJJ Bumrah
10th1JJ BumrahM Prasidh Krishna