Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 20 Runs | SA: 221/3 (17 runs required, RR: 11.05)

  • Quinton de Kock69 (48b)
  • David Miller106 (47b)
  • Axar Patel4-0-53-1
  • Arshdeep Singh4-0-62-2

We'll see you in a couple of days as the action shifts to Indore for the final game. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, my report-authoring co-commentator, Sreshth Shah, and our scorer, M Venkat Raghav.

India seal the series with wins in contrasting games, one where the ball dominated followed by another where the dictated terms. South Africa had an off-day with the ball and QDK wasn't fluent but Miller's form will boost their confidence.

KL Rahul, POTM: It's important as an opener to understand what's required on a particular day for the team. It's good to test yourself to test yourself in different conditions, so I was satisfied. After the first 2-3 overs today, the chat between Rohit and I was that 180-190 would be a good target. I'm surprised I'm getting the award but Surya made the bigger impact. (After being told that a senior opening batter decided took the call, he said it is a tough position to play in and adds it's been challenging lower down the order too) The way Virat batted and Dinesh did well. The back-foot punch set me up, when I play both sides of the wicket I know my balance is good and head is stable. The crowds always turn up in India, it's been a while since we've played in front of full stadiums with the noise, so it was good.

Rohit Sharma, India Captain: (On new batting approach) All of us came together and said this is what we want. It has given mixed results but we will continue that approach. In the recent past, the focus has been on each individual to come in and do the job, we've moved forward from there. (On death bowling) There is concern to be honest, as we haven't bowled well. But that is the area where we will be challenged. We do it with the bat too. The expectations are high. It's not a concerning but we have to pick ourselves. I'm thinking of not playing Surya till the 23rd to keep his form (laughs)

Temba Bavuma, South Africa Captain: (On SA's bowling) It wasn't our best performance, the conditions were different. We couldn't execute out plans. Late with the bat, I thought we could have given it a good go with 220 but 240 was too high. Miller was looking good, lot of confidence to be taken from his performance. The conditions were tough, we tried to get it swinging the ball early. But when it reduced, we saw how easy it was.

Shiva Jayaraman sends a stat: Runs from full tosses in Ind v SA game today - 67 off 14 balls; at present the fifth highest off that length in T20Is for which we have ball-by-ball data

Afeef: "India scored 104 runs off the last 6 overs, South Africa scored 96 off the last 6. 40 fours and 25 sixes today""

JOYDEEPSINGHGIL: "Just 6 wickets in 40 overs on 458 runs "

Venkat: "Deepak chahar is actual difference, he concealed only 24 in high scoring match."

Sudhakar: "Those high full-tosses from SA were the difference actually!"

Davis: "DK's 16 off the last over in Ind's innings was the exact difference with which SA lost. The finisher did the perfect job."

David Miller: Quinton struggled upfront but batted through the innings and kept us in the hunt. We just got 16 runs. (On being asked what QDK said at the end) he said "you batted well and I'm sorry" (laughs). It was a good wicket, they came out all guns blazing. We had to go, which freed us up a little bit. But it was a very nice wicket. The heavens have opened, it's raining, it was humid and sweaty.

Suryakumar Yadav: We were batting first, so I was clear about setting the tempo. I went out and enjoyed myself. (Reaction to Miller's innings) You can see the sweat still (laughs), he hit it beautifully. I didn't think of any score as par, just wanted to bat as deep as possible and get as many runs.

11:09pm: India were over par with the bat, QDK couldn't get going in the chase, so South Africa lose despite having a 174-run stand for the fourth wicket. Arshdeep was sensational upfront, he found swing as did Chahar. Ashwin's first three overs were tight, Axar helped restrict the run flow. Miller got a few away but QDK struggled for a large part of the innings. He got a few away, every now and again, got to 69 but South Africa end 16 short. With that India take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series.

Vishal Pawar : "SKY's innings was the difference eventually! "

AR Patel to de Kock, SIX, Full toss on leg, smacks it over square leg to end with a six. QDK walks to his partner with disappointment but Miller's a bit more upbeat. Players shake hands.
AR Patel to de Kock, no run, Fullish ball outside off, misses the slog sweep. Hits the keeper's pad and falls in front
AR Patel to Miller, 1 run, Yorker on off, blocked to midwicket
AR Patel to Miller, SIX, Gets the hundo with a maximum! He gives QDK a bear hug and raises his bat. Gets a lovely ovation from the crowd. It was full, he slogged it off the middle, and the ball went to orbit!
AR Patel to Miller, SIX, Smoked! Full around off, in Miller's arc. Miller slogs it 104 metres away. Over long-on, two tiers up. He moves to 99!
AR Patel to de Kock, 1 run, Length outside off, slapped to straight long-off. Karthik there. The result should be essentially be clear now

Only four fielders outside the ring now.

Tahir: "Super over, anyone?" If they get even close, there will have been some hitting

19 | 26 Runs | SA: 201/3 (37 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 10.57, RRR: 37.00)

  • David Miller93 (44b)
  • Quinton de Kock62 (45b)
  • Arshdeep Singh4-0-62-2
  • Harshal Patel4-0-45-0

An off-day for Arshdeep. His no balls were extremely costly, a few hits at the end an

Arshdeep Singh to Miller, SIX, Clubbed, Axar at deep midwicket launches himself to his left but it bullets through! Miller set up for the short one and middled it. Axar did well to somehow get a hand on it as the ball boys looked for cover.

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1T BavumaQ de Kock
2nd0RR RossouwQ de Kock
3rd46Q de KockAK Markram
4th174DA MillerQ de Kock