Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Munro's 82 is followed by 3 scalps from Fawad and 2 wickets for the tournament's leading wicket-taker Jhye Richardson. Scorchers continue to gain steam heading toward the playoff stage while the Heat are going in the opposite direction. That's all from us today. Come back tomorrow for more BBL action. Take care!

Colin Munro is the Player of the Match: "It's great to bounce back. It's nice coming in after the two [Englishmen]. I think this is one of the best bowling attacks I've ever played with. It's very good preparation to face them in the nets before facing other teams. We've got a bit of a break before a back-to-back."

10.30 pm Remarkable collapse by the Heat. From claiming the Bash Boost Point at the 10-over mark, they lose their last 7 wickets for 19 runs in less than five overs. Disciplined bowling, nothing earth-shattering, but just tidy and the Heat fell in a heap.

Fawad Ahmed to Morkel, OUT, flights this full on off, stretches forward to slog this for long-on but doesn't come close to clearing the man on the rope. Simple catch taken 15 yards in.

M Morkel c Hardie b Fawad Ahmed 2 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

Doosra: "What a cataclysmic collapse by the Heat....who turned their cooker off?? It's the end of their hopes of making the playoffs!! Mind you at one point earlier India were given a 1 per cent chance of overhauling the Aussies"

Fawad Ahmed to Morkel, no run, full on off, goes back to defend, nearly backspins onto off stump.
Fawad Ahmed to Kuhnemann, 1 run, good length ball on the legs, goes back to flick into square leg.

Heat 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9CA LynnM Bryant
2nd37JL DenlyCA Lynn
3rd6JL DenlyJA Burns
4th44JL DenlyL Gregory
5th4JL DenlyJD Wildermuth
6th2JJ PeirsonJD Wildermuth
7th10JJ PeirsonJJ Bazley
8th0MT SteketeeJJ Bazley
9th0JJ BazleyMP Kuhnemann
10th3M MorkelMP Kuhnemann

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