1413dThe Report by Shashank Kishore in Mount Maunganui

Manjot Kalra leads India Under-19 to World Cup glory

The opener smashed an unbeaten 101 off 102 balls to steer a chase of 217 and give the side an unprecedented fourth Under-19 World Cup title

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Australia Under-19s , elected to bat first

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India Under-19s won the 2017/18 ICC Under-19 World Cup

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14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30, Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-20.45

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3 February 2018 - day/night match (50-over match)

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Scorer: Chandan Duorah | Commentator: Akshay Gopalakrishnan

The Indian team takes a victory lap with the trophy in hand. Strong, strong support from the Tauranga faithful, who streamed in in strong numbers today. The boys run around the ground by the boundary with the trophy in hand and flags waving over their heads. We leave you with those pictures then. It's been a pleasure bringing this final to you. Thanks always for joining us and for all the comments and insights. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this tournament. Goodbye from Deiva and myself. Been a pleasure, as always!

Even as Shaw utters those last words, the rest of the team charges towards the trophy. Streams of champagne burst out of bottles as they gather behind the 'Champions' banner. They've been a true reflection of that title throughout the tournament. Terrific opening combination, brilliant new-ball bowling, excellent control through the middle overs by the spinners - this has been a phenomenal campaign. But don't for a moment discount what Australia have achieved in this tournament. They have every reason to go back a proud team. It hasn't always been smooth sailing. The opening partnership was a little shaky. They had to battle injuries. But they fought through it all to come all the way to the final. They were just outclassed by a better team.

Saideswar: "Maturity Level from Jason Sangha, Damn high for his words "As a captain you can't complain when everyone's giving 110%""

Pradeep D: "If Dravid is ready to coach any other nation, England and Australia will grab him immediately"

Pradeep D: "Rahul Dravid graduated this U-19 into WC champions and himself into a top class coach with his already known great temperament and master tactician. Hope Kohli realises the value of Dravid to allow him to coach India sooner than later."

The victorious Indian team now marches towards the podium to collect the winners' medal. "I really can't express what I'm feeling now," says Prithvi Shaw. "All credit to our support staff, they've really been supporting us for the last two years. And full credit to the guys as well. Rahul sir is a legend. It was the final, a very crucial hundred from Manjot. Gill was batting really well. And the two pacers, Mavi and Kamlesh, who've bveen excellent throughout the tournament. Thanks for all the support from India. Great memories here. We're looking forward to going back."

The Australian team is up next as they collect their runners-up medal. "I really don't know what to say at the moment but I'm so proud of the guys," says Jason Sangha. "We've grown and grown as cricketers. Full credit to India, they've played really well. Best of luck to the guys for the IPL. The best thing about today was the guys really tried to grind it in. As captain, you can't really complain when they're giving 110 percent with bat and ball, but credit to India. They outplayed us. Hopefully, we can go back home and learn from these mistakes. The guys played really well and did what I asked them to do. And to work with the support staff and guys with international experience was great for us kids. We've enjoyed our time in New Zealand. Thank you to the crowd today as well. It as fantastic to see them come today. Thanks everyone, and congratulations India."

Vishnu: "Great achievement by young boys. Thanks to our wall - Dravid for prepare such type of players for future."

Shubman Gill is Player of the Tournament. "I'm really proud of my team. We were fortunate enough to have Rahul as coach," he says. "He was always telling me to express myself and play along the ground as much as possible. It as a good experience for all of us. It's been pretty exciting. I hope I'll do well in the IPL as well."

Manjot Kalra is Man of the Match. "I enjoyed it a lot. The conditions were good. Not a difficult wicket, it was flat and good to bat on," he says. "It's been a great environment within the team and I've enjoyed that."

Sahir: "I am not sure how Dravid feels about his workload, but i sincerely hope he takes up the coaching for seniors after next year world cup"

9.08pm Time for presentations.

The match officials are up first. Jeff Crowe, Shaun George and Gregory Brathwaite, the on-field umpires, the third umpire Nigel Duguid and fourth umpire Tim Robinson line up to collect their awards.

Vishnu: "With this level of maturity and patience this team would have chased even 300 today. A very well deserved victory boys. And just happy for Dravid. World cup was missing him."

8.55pm India's players rush out to the field. Fist pumps, roars and screams galore. Australia's players have sunk to their knees in their respective positions. What a tournament this has been for India! They are scrapping with each other to get hold of a stump. Only six of them available though for the 15-plus strong squad.A record fourth World Cup title for India. Australia have been completely bossed in the big final. Barring that steadying hand from Jonathan Merlo, it was India all the way.

"We have dreamt of this from last year and finally here we are. On top of the world," says Abhishek Sharma. "It's very grateful to be a part of this team. I can't explain my feelings right now. We'll celebrate this night, the best night of ours."

"Amazing feeling. I'm feeling on top of the world," says Ishan Porel. "I've had messages on my phone from India. I was unfortunately not been able to reply to all of them, but thanks to all of them. Our bowlers have been fantastic throughout the tournament. I can only say team effort."

"It's amazing," says Riyan Parag. "I was thinking I wouldn't get to bat and I proved myself right. For an opener to take the team through is amazing. I thought it would be a tough match. It was a tough match but we made it look easy, I guess. As a batsman, if you execute your plans, you'll succeed in these conditions."

"Really proud of the boys and the effort they put in, says Rahul Dravid, as the boys jump behind him enthusiastically barely letting him speak a word. "Proud of the effort they put in and couldn't be happier for them. Hopefully it's a memory they cherish for a long, long time, but hopefully not the lasting memory and they have many more great moments and bigger things in future. I don't want to mention names but everyone in the support staff has put in a great effort. We do the best for the kids."

Anuj: "Superb display of composure by Manoj. Lucky to get a century in world cup final, be on the wining side and most importantly, be mentored by the Legend - Dravid!"

swedenwarehouse: "none of them matched with india"

sagar: "congratulation... special congrates to Rahul Dravid"

Rajat raj: "After a long time, dravid is winning championship. Congrats The Wall"

Sutherland to Desai, FOUR, there it is! Desai hits the winning runs and it's with a boundary. Full delivery outside off, carves it over point for four
Sutherland to Manjot Kalra, 1 run, short, punched to sweeper cover

India's contingent waiting at the boundary, arms wrapped around the shoulders of the man next to them in anticipation for the moment.

Sutherland to Desai, 1 run, tries to slog and skews it to square leg off the inside of the bat
Sutherland to Manjot Kalra, 1 run, and there it is! A short of a length delivery, pitching outside leg, Kalra easily gets on top and tucks to square leg. He pumps his fists and punches the air as he leaps in the air. Gets a handshake from Jason Sangha

Kalra. One run for century. Four for the World Cup.

Sutherland to Desai, 1 run, short of a length, opens the face to third man

38 | 1 Run | IND19: 212/2 (5 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 5.57, RRR: 0.41)

  • Manjot Kalra99 (100b)
  • Harvik Desai41 (58b)
  • Param Uppal10-0-38-1
  • Will Sutherland6-0-28-1
Uppal to Manjot Kalra, no run, off-stump yorker, Kalra has to wait for his hundred, toe-ended back to the bowler

India U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st71PP ShawManjot Kalra
2nd60Shubman GillManjot Kalra
3rd89HM DesaiManjot Kalra