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Scorer: Ranjith P

20 | 14 Runs | TKR: 161/8 (43 runs required, RR: 8.05)

  • Fawad Ahmed5 (8b)
  • Kevon Cooper42 (22b)
  • Sandeep Lamichhane3-1-17-1
  • Sheldon Cottrell4-0-34-1

11.48pm A comprehensive victory for the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots. Knight Riders were never in the chase. Lost too many wickets. So much that Gayle didn't even have to use up the full quota of overs from Lamichhane despite an excellent first two overs from him.

The Patriots made a slow start too, but recovered thanks to brilliant knocks from Devon Thomas and Carlos Brathwaite. The bowlers were solid in response and hunted in a pack to lift the Patriots to their first win of the competition.

Devon Thomas is Man of the Match. That's all we have from this game. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Be back tomorrow. Thanks for joining us.

Sharma G: "I think it's the furstrating captaincy by gyale to not give lamichanne 2 middle over to keep their run rate good it could cost at last stage "

Bishal Neupane: "Greedy for Sandeep as he can learn more and make Nepal win"

Lamichhane to Fawad Ahmed, 1 run, another wrong'un that's pulled away to deep midwicket with no timing
Lamichhane to Cooper, 1 run, did he drop that or did he not even get a hand to it? Cooper advances but doesn't middle this big heave down the ground, Devcich at long-on moves to his left and gets a hand to it but lets it spill
Lamichhane to Cooper, FOUR runs, another wrong'un, again backs away and slaps it away with the spin. One-bounce past cow corner, neither long-on nor deep midwicket can get there in time

Another new ball. With three to go. The stands are like the Bermuda Triangle. What goes there doesn't come back.

Anish Lamichhan: "I was expecting Sandeep to bowl the 17th and 19th or 18th or 20th."

Lamichhane to Cooper, SIX runs, googly that spins in, picked up by the batsman and he backs away and hoicks it with the turn over wide long-on
Lamichhane to Fawad Ahmed, 1 run, advances down the ground and drills it to long-on
Lamichhane to Cooper, 1 run, flat back of a length, pulled wide of long-on

NK Sharma: "I didn't understand why lamichanne doesn't get his full quota overs bowling excellent two overs" Back he comes to bowl the last.

T&T Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

5SP NarineCA Lynn
27C MunroCA Lynn
2BB McCullumC Munro
22C MunroDM Bravo
15D RamdinDM Bravo
24DJ BravoDM Bravo
20DM BravoKK Cooper
10KK CooperAli Khan
36Fawad AhmedKK Cooper