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Best performances - Batsmen

JL Carter
JL Carter
50(27) 4x4 - 4x6
Control %74%
  • Productive Shot
  • slog shot
  • 12 runs
  • 1x4 - 1x6
4 1 5 10 3 14 6 6
BA King
43(33) 4x4 - 1x6
Control %69%
  • Productive Shot
  • pull
  • 11 runs
  • 0x4 - 1x6
4 0 0 4 12 3 8 12

Best performances - Bowlers

RA Reifer
AR Nurse

Scorer: Ranjith P | Commentator: Sreshth Shah (@sreshthx)

20 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | GAW: 144/9 (28 runs required, RR: 7.20)

  • Imran Tahir4 (5b)
  • Ben Laughlin1 (1b)
  • Raymon Reifer4-0-24-4
  • Harry Gurney4-0-24-2

And as the Barbados Tridents line up to collect the trophy, it's time for us to bid goodbye. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of CPL 2019. We loved hosting you. See you soon and long live franchise cricket.

9.04pm Time for the presentation.

Barbados Tridents collect the winners' medals, led by Carter, followed by the likes of Hales, Duminy, Reifer, Salt, Charles, Nurse and finally their captain Jason Holder. He says, draped in the Barbados flag, "We had belief. Credit must go to every player. Coaching staff excellent. Carter was exceptional. In the first qualifier, I told him to express himself. He was under scrutiny, and he showed that he can go deeper with his cricketing skills. Simmons is outstanding. Really enjoy working with him. See him like a father. The team is exceptional. We all sit together and talk cricket. Hard to single out people - Gurney was exceptional, JP was outstanding. Nurse, Reifer special performances. Really happy for Hayden Walsh Jr. I want to say special congrats to Shoaib and Johan Botha, they had an outstanding season, but tonight, we deserved to win. Thanks to Trinidad crowd for coming us to support despite us beating their team in the qualifier. Hopefully next year will be bigger and better."

Guyana Amazon Warriors collect the runners-up medals. Team is led by Imran Tahir, with the captain Shoaib Malik at the end. Malik says, "First of all, I want to congratulate Barbados Tridents, especially later in the tournament. Second of all, we missed the trick after ten overs when we were 79 for 3. We missed the trick of not rotating the strike. Even if we would've scored 15-18 runs in those three overs, we would've cruised to victory. Next year maybe (smiles). I would say Carter's innings and Nurse's partnership with him was very crucial. In the last overs, momentum went to their side. When someone like King is in form, we had high expectations from him, but as I said before, we missed the trick around the 10-over mark. Want to say thanks to the crowd. Without you, we all are nothing. Want to thank my team-mates. We fought very hard. We know it's disappointing, but tomorrow is a new day. Go well guys.""

USA's Hayden Walsh Jr (22 wickets) is the Player of the Season. He can't hold back his tears. He says, "I have no words right now. Worked hard and I need to thank the almighty for bringing me this far. I've been working for years. I've been getting tips all over, but this has finally paid off. Everything goes to my (late) father."

Jonathan Carter is the Player of the Match. He says, "Very proud moment. Waited for this moment for a very long time. Was very emotional at the end of the game. When you have a friend and captain like Jason, he gives you the all-clear to do what you have to do. Him and coach Simmons have been inspirational. Thank you Jase, thank you Phil."

Ashley Nurse wins the Celebration of the Season award

Jonathan Carter gets the Catch of the Season award for his full-stretched catch at point to dismiss Zouks' Daren Sammy earlier in the season

Brandon King gets an award for most sixes

Anon06: "How must Salt be feeling? Flew in for 1 day, made no contribution (wrong call but part of the game), wearing a patched up T-shirt, but walks away with a trophy."

9pm We should have the presentation soon. Stick around. And in case you're just joining us, here's Peter Della Penna's match report.

Reifer: "Very big moment for all of us. Lost few games in the beginning. To win the CPL from there, quite a big achevement. Yeah my 4-24 was a good performance. Didn't know it was the best CPL final figures, but just another achievement."

8.50pm Recapping today's win: Jason Holder chose to bat at the toss, and a blazing start from Johnson Charles and Alex Hales gave Tridents the early momentum. Two middle-order run-outs then pegged Tridents back, but in No. 7 Jonathan Carter they found their rescue man, and his half-century (in Nurse's company) lifted them to 171 for 6. Amazon Warriors' chase began poorly, with Hemraj out early following a hamstring injury and then Hetmyer's dismissal. A brief rebuilding followed but with RRR climbing, Reifer, Nurse and Gurney made hay, reducing Amazon Warriors to nine wickets by the time the final delivery was bowled.

8.44pm The teams are now shaking hands. Hayden Walsh Jr getting a big hug from the owners. Alex Hales wearing a smile on his face too.

Ashley Nurse: "Captain called for me. Didn't do much through the tournament, so last two games, I went all or nothing. A lot's been said about Tridents. But we worry about ourselves only. We are a family. Thank you Barbados, this one's for you."

reaches: "yeah !! This world is so cruel. 1 matters more than 11."

8.41pm So the most incredible thing has happened. Recent history's most dominant T20 campaign in any global league ends up with that team not winning the tournament. Guyana Amazon Warriors were, by far, the best team of the tournament, but they won't be taking the trophy home tonight. It's the Tridents, underdogs coming into the game, who batted first, put on the runs, and then allowed scoreboard pressure get the better of Amazon Warriors. A fifth CPL final loss for them after coming into the match 11-0.

Jason Holder: "Credit to the individuals. Thanks to the fans for coming out. We picked up momentum during the crucial stage of the tournament."

Robin: "Duck, dropped catch, champions medal. Phil Salt appears to be getting more out of this CPL thing than he's putting in..."

Saswat: "Individual heroes from BT finally thrash the juggernaut team of Warriors. The C word, yet another year!"

Reifer to Imran Tahir, 1 run, full, outside off stump, and slapped to extra cover. Phil Salt, who flew in from Miami for only the final, collects the ball. Tridents win by 27 runs!

Holder with a massive smile on his face. Nurse dancing even before the final ball. Green can't see the game from the dugout. The Tridents fans are on the feet. Here's Reifer.

Reifer to Imran Tahir, 2 runs, dipping full toss, and dragged to deep midwicket. Overthrows allow Amazon Warriors to take an extra run
Reifer to Imran Tahir, no run, full on middle, and he can't connect with the slog. Through to the keeper
Reifer to Laughlin, 1 run, full, on off, and he tries to swing across the line once again. Carbon-copy edge sends the ball in the air again, but the ball falls just short of Nurse at short third man. The crowd thought that was a catch, and Holder had even started celebrating, but Nurse says that he took it on the volley
Reifer to Imran Tahir, 1 run, nearly a yorker, outside off stump. Slapped to cover
Reifer to Green, OUT, full, on off stump, and he tries to swing across the line, but a leading edge has sent it skywards. Keeper gets under it - running to his right - and pockets a simple catch. Slower ball doing the trick again

CJ Green c †Hope b Reifer 5 (3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66

Amazon Warriors need 33. Five sixes and a four needed. Nothing else will do.

Amazon 2nd innings Partnerships

1st12C HemrajBA King
2nd18SO HetmyerBA King
3rd23Shoaib MalikBA King
4th26N PooranBA King
5th9N PooranSE Rutherford
6th16R ShepherdSE Rutherford
7th17R ShepherdKMA Paul
8th18KMA PaulCJ Green
9th0Imran TahirCJ Green
10th5Imran TahirB Laughlin