20 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | BD-W: 72/10 (26 runs required, RR: 3.60)

  • Khadija Tul Kubra4 (4b)
  • Chamari Atapattu3-0-17-3
  • Sripali Weerakkody2-0-9-0

7:21pm That is all from our coverage of this game. The second one, a crucial one for the standings in this group, begins in 40 minutes. The toss is in 10, so don't miss out. See you soon!

Chamari Attapatu: Our bowling was very good. Special performance from Siriwardene. I think she used her experience very well. I wasn't happy with 97. In T20, we must score 120 at least. But these conditions aren't good for batsmen, or for T20 cricket. But our bowlers were very good. We changed the batting order because Shashikala and I have experience, so we thought we could get a partnership in the middle. But it didn't work.

Prabhodani was really good, she is our best pace bowler. Hopefully she is okay. I think if we play to our potential in the next game, that's all we need. To play positively, whether we win or lose.

Salma Khatun: It was a bad day for us. I think Rumana, and Kubra and I bowled well with Jahanara, but our batters let us down. The pitch was good, but we couldn't do it. It's our first time with the review, we will learn it with time.

Siriwardene: I was advised to bat through the innings. I'm really happy to contribute to the team like this, it was an honour. We tried some things with the batting order but it didn't work. I'm sure next match Chamari and I will be higher in the order. I'm enjoying playing freely without the pressure of captaincy. With the ball, I usually spin it back in, but today I let it drift away sometimes.

Shashikala Siriwardene is the Player of the Match.

7:05pm That is the end of Bangladesh's tournament. It's been a superb one for their bowlers, but the batting has come nowhere near the heights they reached in some of the tournaments earlier this year. Sri Lanka jump to three points which means they're now second place in the table with one match to go. A win there will make this group very, very interesting. They lost Prabhodani to a possible split webbing, but the left-arm seamer had already done enough damage with the new ball. It was a surrender from Bangladesh, halfway into the innings. Sri Lanka didn't have good day with the bat at all but Bangladesh didn't come close to having a decent one.

Jayangani to Ritu Moni, OUT, bowled. All overs gone, all wickets gone. Yorker at the stumps, she backs away and heaves and misses comprehensively

Ritu Moni b Jayangani 11 (13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 84.61

Jayangani to Ritu Moni, FOUR runs, length outside off, steps out and smokes it past the bowler this time. She can't even react to that. Long-off can't stop it to her right
Jayangani to Ritu Moni, no run, length outside off, steps out and drives back to the bowler
Jayangani to Ritu Moni, no run, length outside off, guided to short third

Bdesh Wmn 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0Ayasha RahmanSanjida Islam
2nd0Ayasha RahmanFargana Hoque
3rd20Ayasha RahmanNigar Sultana
4th3Rumana AhmedNigar Sultana
5th13Shamima SultanaNigar Sultana
6th8Jahanara AlamNigar Sultana
7th3Salma KhatunNigar Sultana
8th4Salma KhatunFahima Khatun
9th9Salma KhatunRitu Moni
10th12Ritu MoniKhadija Tul Kubra