Tavengwa Mukuhlani stands down

The problems blighting Zimbabwe Cricket just won't go away. A fortnight after the board's controversial AGM in Bulawayo, it suffered another setback with the news that Tavengwa Mukuhlani, the Mashonaland Cricket Association chairman, has stepped down from his post and has effectively ceased to be a ZC board member.

Mukuhlani was ousted by Mashonaland's clubs at the end of last year after they claimed he did not represent their growing disenchantment with ZC. He was seen by many as being too closely linked to the board. In June 2004 he was embroiled in a row after hijacking the AGM of the Matabeleland Cricket Association.

There are also reports, which are denied by ZC, that Clive Barnes has also stepped down from the board.

The rumour mill is now in overdrive, with the ZC board said to be divided into two camps, one headed by Peter Chingoka and Ozias Bvute and the other by Ahmed and Macsood Ebrahim. While there appears to be little doubt that the two have fallen out, just how deep the rift is remains unclear.