Four new teams in the ICC's ODI rankings

UAE captain Rohan Mustafa lets out a victory scream after winning WCL Division Two Peter Della Penna

The four latest teams to gain ODI status have been integrated into the ICC team rankings for ODIs, effective June 1, 2018. Scotland and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have slotted into 13th and 14th places respectively, while Netherlands and Nepal will be added after they've played four more ODIs (teams need to play a minimum number of ODIs to get a ranking). The addition of these teams did not affect the standings of the 12 Test-playing nations above them on the table.

Netherlands secured ODI status by winning the World Cricket League Championship last year, while Scotland, Nepal and UAE earned ODI status by finishing as the leading Associates (along with Netherlands) at the World Cup Qualifier 2018.

The introduction of these four teams means that any matches they play against each other or the 12 other ODI teams now count for rating points, which will influence their ranking. The initial rankings for the four new teams are based on games played - under various criteria - since May 2015. For all teams on the rankings, matches played between 1 May, 2015, and 30 April, 2017, will be weighted at 50%, while matches played after 1 May, 2017, will be weighted at 100%.