Wishlist for the new decade: 10 Olympic golds, two cricket World Cups & more

Viswanathan Anand has recently released his autobiography 'Mind Master' in collaboration with ESPN's Susan Ninan. AFP PHOTO/THOMAS SAMSON

It's the start of a new decade, meaning new hopes and dreams are not far behind. What should Indian sport strive to achieve over the next 10 years? Olympic gold medals? The football team qualifying for the World Cup? More opportunities for youngsters? ESPN asked some of the pioneers of their respective sports what they would like to see happen most in the coming years.

Viswanathan Anand

On a personal level, I'd like to continue like I'm doing now, make some steady progress in my results and gain 15-20 rating points this year. I don't really feel I'm looking a whole decade ahead for myself though, more in shorter splits.

For chess at large, I'd like to see newer formats get established, the sport has found fans in new countries making it more global and it would be nice for this trend to continue. Hopefully, the growth of the game will be accompanied by better sponsorship. For India in particular, I would like to see some of our players break through.

We've grown in all aspects and now the crucial bit is that the game consolidates itself, does a better job with sponsorship and in getting more people involved in the game. By the end of the decade I would really wish for two or three of our players in the top 10 and who knows, maybe we might even get a world champion.

Dutee Chand

Right now I'm trying to qualify for the Olympics this year. The Commonwealth Games is one of the major events I'm yet to compete in and to medal in it is quite challenging so the 2022 Games are on my wish-list for sure.

For the next five or six years, I have set two major goals for myself. One, to join politics and hopefully become the sports minister of my state Odisha and the other is to run my own academy where I can train kids in the sport.

PV Sindhu

It's the start of a new decade and I just want to give my best, stay healthy and happy. A medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is my biggest dream right now. I also want to be the No. 1 ranked women's player and just see myself climb to the top of the world.

Sunil Chhetri

The pace that we [Indian football] have improved from 2010 to 2019, I hope that pace doubles up. That's all I want. We are capable of it. Around everything, football is improving. If the pace improves, we'll be there. The goal for me is to stay there, personally. I want to qualify for the AFC Asian Cup every time and win as many games as possible internationally. League-wise, [we must] keep improving. Keep getting better inputs, and keep having better players from our own academies.

Rahul Dravid

There are a few things I'd like to see happen. For one, greater participation at the grass roots for women's cricket. There also needs to be an elimination of age fraud, and better access to sports science and medicine across all age groups and state level cricket. Of course, it would always be nice if India remain No.1 in Test cricket and maybe even win a couple of World Cups this decade.

Abhinav Bindra

It's very simple what I want - 10 Olympic gold medals this decade. Whether it's individual or team medals, it doesn't matter.