ESPN fan vote: Virat Kohli and India stun Pep Guardiola's Barcelona; Rafael Nadal cruises into quarters

Kohli's India and Rafael Nadal are through to the quarterfinals. Getty Images

Earlier this month, we began the task of finding out 21st century's most dominant athlete or team, from a shortlist of 16.

The first round saw New Zealand's All Blacks narrowly edge out the Southern Stars, while Michael Phelps comfortably went through with 67% of votes against Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid. The second set of match-ups saw the first surprising result of the tournament as Serena Williams just lost to Floyd Mayweather, while Usain Bolt powered his way to the quarterfinals by beating Tiger Woods. In the third installment, Roger Federer blitzed past Simone Biles and Michael Schumacher raced past Ricky Ponting's Australia. The biggest upset of the first round, however, came when Pep Guardiola's all-conquering Barcelona were beaten to the chase by Virat Kohli's India at home Tests. Rafael Nadal had no such troubles though, as his exploits at the French Open saw him claim a huge victory against Kobe Bryant's LA Lakers team of the early 2000s.

A mouthwatering quarter-final line-up now includes Federer at Wimbledon squaring off against Bolt at the Olympics. Nadal will be up against Mayweather, while the two Michaels - Phelps and Schumacher - will face each other. Kohli's India have been drawn against the All Blacks.

Round of 16

All Blacks vs Australia Women's T20 team: All Blacks

Zidane's Real Madrid vs Michael Phelps at Olympics: Michael Phelps

Serena Williams vs Floyd Mayweather: Floyd Mayweather

Usain Bolt vs Tiger Woods: Usain Bolt

Michael Schumacher vs Ponting's Australia: Michael Schumacher

Roger Federer vs Simone Biles: Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal at French Open vs Kobe's LA Lakers: Rafael Nadal

Guardiola's Barcelona vs Kohli's India in home Tests: Kohli's India


Federer at Wimbledon v Bolt at the Olympics

Kohli's India at home Tests v All Blacks at Rugby World Cups

Nadal at the French Open v Floyd Mayweather as a pro

Schumacher with Ferrari v Phelps at the Olympics

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