LEC power rankings through summer split Week 4

League of Legends global power rankings through July 16 (8:46)

League of Legends global power rankings return after a short break for Rift Rivals. Who will make the top 5 this week? (8:46)

The LEC underwent more ranking changes in Patch 9.13's first week of action, with a clear top three detaching itself from the rest: G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Splyce.

One of Patch 9.13's changes, the introduction of Qiyana, has defined picks and bans in Week 4, ultimately helping Splyce stand out from the middle of the pack.

For the rest, it may take more tinkering to catch up. Week 3's chaotic upheaval was reversed at the top of the standings, but magnified near the bottom. Let's see where the teams rank.

G2 Esports

1. G2 Esports -- Grade: S


G2 Esports returned from Rift Rivals with full force, swiftly dispatching Misfits Gaming and FC Schalke 04. The team's flexibility was in full display during Week 4: mid laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther (on Renekton and Talon) and jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski (on Sylas against Schalke 04) employed rare picks at their positions in the region. Although Fnatic have the upper hand in the standings, G2's performances have been far more convincing and have earned them the top European spot for the fourth week in a row.


2. Fnatic -- Grade: A+

Record: 7-1

Fnatic faltered for the first time in the 2019 LEC summer split against Splyce because of lapses in their draft and decision-making during skirmishes. However, they are still the second strongest LEC team for the time being, as their execution and macro plans have been cleaner than those of teams not named G2 Esports throughout the summer split. Week 5 faceoffs against SK Gaming and Rogue provide them an opportunity to regain short-term momentum and widen the gap between them and Origen.


3. Splyce -- Grade:A

Record: 6-2

Splyce have carried their momentum from Week 2 and have scored their second consecutive 2-0 week, snapping Fnatic's seven-game win streak. Beyond their savvy drafting to limit their opponents' options, Splyce owe their ranking to Marek "Humanoid" Brázda's rise as an unflappable and consistent mid laner, one split after joining them as a rookie. As such, Splyce have found the consistency that eluded them in the spring split, effortlessly implementing attrition wars and staging comebacks.


4. Origen -- Grade: A-

Record: 4-4

Origen's Week 4 performance was confusing. On one hand, Barney "Alphari" Morris's top lane Vayne and Erlend "Nukeduck" Holm's Azir met little resistance against Excel Esports, empowering a scaling composition to victory. Nevertheless, they were helpless for the first time in the summer split against Rogue, who exploited individual mistakes with cross-map plays. Origen's helplessness was an exception to the norm, as their game understanding and execution are usually great.

- League of Legends global power rankings through July 16

FC Schalke

5. FC Schalke 04 -- Grade: B+

Record: 4-4

FC Schalke 04's gradual adjustment to recently hired jungler Kim "Trick" Gang-yun is bearing fruit. The team is close to entering elite territory in Europe with an LPL-like playstyle: contesting objectives no matter their significance. Trick's influence goes beyond improving Felix "Abbedagge" Braun's decision-making, as Schalke 04's sense of initiative has become their greatest asset during the summer split -- a far cry from the double-edged sword which used to spell their demise late into the spring split.


6a. Rogue -- Grade: B-

Record: 3-5

Rogue's baffling Week 4 generated more questions than it provided answers. After all, how could a team execute a straightforward draft so sloppily against Schalke 04, yet almost perfectly dissect Origen with a risky yet well designed team composition? Indeed, their game against Origen was a masterclass on enabling a map-wide gameplan starting from the laning phase, with Martin "HeaQ" Kordmaa's Ashe turning the game into a lopsided bout, one Enchanted Crystal Arrow at a time. A few drafting improvements, and they may be a favourite to reach the playoffs, over Team Vitality and Schalke 04.

Team Vitality

6b. Team Vitality -- Grade: B-

Record: 3-5

The Team Vitality of old have returned to the LEC -- including their go-for-broke, team fight heavy gameplay, and their sneaky Baron Nashor takedowns. Daniele "Jiizuke" Di Mauro's play illustrated Vitality's Week 4 attitude: against Misfits Gaming, his Ekko roams enabled Vitality's takeover; however, in a compromised game against Fnatic, he brazenly engaged skirmishes in failed bids to wrest control of the game. More of the same will be needed against the improving Schalke 04 and the swift Origen. Should they manage a 2-0 week, they would send a strong message to Fnatic and G2 Esports.

SK Gaming

8. SK Gaming -- Grade: C+

Record: 3-5

SK Gaming's Week 4 performance was also confusing, especially considering their previous performances. Beyond losing to Splyce, they have performed an unenviable, season-first feat: losing to Excel Esports. Their defeats highlight their current flaws: early-game skirmishing, and objective-centered setups when they are unable to coordinate pressure on the side lanes. Left unattended, those weaknesses will be their undoing against Week 5 opponents Origen and Fnatic.

Misfits Gaming

9. Misfits Gaming -- Grade: C-

Record: 2-6

Although Misfits Gaming are one game away from the playoffs, they are running out of time to find a winning recipe with their 10-man roster. Worse, their overall early-game play deteriorated throughout the weeks, cancelling their late-game macro efficiency. Can they somehow bounce back, in time for playoff contention? Their Week 5 face-off against Rogue holds the key to an eventual playoff berth.

Excel Esports

10. Excel Esports (1-7) -- D+

Record: 1-7

After four weeks, Excel Esports have won a game. And they deserved it: they have made waves through strong early-game play since Week 3, when Jesper "Jeskla" Klarin and Patryk "Mystiques" Piórkowski joined the starting lineup. Although the team's mid-game transition and map awareness needs work to achieve consistency, Excel have ultimately demonstrated that they hold the keys to thrive together. Should they somehow beat either G2 Esports or Schalke 04, they would throw the LEC rankings in disarray.