VALORANT to hold global Twitch Rivals tournament

Provided by Riot Games

The first major VALORANT event upon launch will be a Twitch Rivals tournament.

A $200,000 prize pool will be up for grabs on June 2, the day VALORANT will be released to the public. Riot Games and Twitch will collaborate on the event. Confirmed regions to participate are North America, Brazil, LATAM, Europe, Korea and Japan.

Almost 3 million people played daily in the VALORANT closed beta, which was seen as a major success. Several tournaments, including the ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational, were part of the competitive offerings during this time, which also included multiple Twitch Rivals VALORANT events.

The VALORANT closed beta is shutting down on Thursday and the free-to-play tactical shooter will launch for everyone on June 2. The release will include an additional agent, bringing the total to 11, and a new map, bringing the total to four.