VOTE: Red Bull or Alfa Romeo's one-off paint jobs - Who did it best?

One-off liveries are not a new thing in Formula One -- they generate buzz, social hits and often leave us wishing teams would stick with them for the whole year. This year two teams decided to do go down that route for the first reveal of their 2019 cars...

Red Bull presented its new car in a striking red and dark blue scheme. The team has done similar before -- it ran a white and black camoflauge livery for testing in 2015, while it also launched with what it called a special edition paint job in 2017. Its 2019 livery was seen during a track day at the Silverstone circuit on Wednesday.

Red Bull was not alone in going for a one-off design, however. The rebranded Sauber team, now competing as Alfa Romeo, showed its romantic side, unleashing its 2019 car with a Valentine's Day livery made up of clover leafs and love hearts. Like Red Bull, it took its unique look out on track, spending Thursday on Ferrari's test track in Italy.

But which is your favourite? Vote below: