Neymar releases F1-themed football boot

Neymar spent time with the Red Bull team while attending the Spanish GP in May. Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Brazilian football icon Neymar has released an F1-themed boot called 'Speed Freak'.

Neymar revealed his new racing-inspired piece of footwear, which Nike says is designed specifically for his "fast-paced game", pointing out that he's been leaving defenders in his wake since bursting onto the scene with Santos in 2009.

The Brazilian is a keen racing fan and a good fan of five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who looks set to win a sixth title this year. Neymar attended the Spanish Grand Prix in May this year and has now taken his passion for motorsports one step further with the boot, which features the colours of a chequered flag on the side alongside the famous Nike tick.

At the Spanish GP in March, Neymar proved to be a lucky charm for Hamilton -- he hugged his friend just before stepping into his car for a race he duly won comfortably. Hamilton called Neymar his "bro from another mother" when they met in Qatar earlier this year.