Leclerc, Vettel fume at each other after Ferrari collision in Brazil

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Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel face a frosty Ferrari debrief after the Brazilian Grand Prix following a collision that knocked both drivers out of the race.

The incident occurred six laps from the end as the pair battled over third position. Leclerc had passed Vettel on the inside of Turn 1 but was then forced into defensive mode on the stretch of track leading down to Turn 4.

As Vettel flew back past Leclerc on the right-hand side, he appeared to move across prematurely and the two made contact. The collision damaged the suspension on Leclerc's car and gave Vettel's a puncture. Both drivers were forced to retire their cars.

Afterward, both were screaming on their radios, blaming the other for what had happened.

Vettel said: "Ahh, puncture.. what was he doing!?"

Leclerc's radio message was a mixture of Italian and words that were bleeped out by the director of F1's world feed.

Speaking in the TV pen after the race, Vettel said: "I didn't have much space on the right and I obviously had a better run out of Turn 2 and tried to pass in Turn 3, that was it. I don't have so much to say, I think it was pretty clear."

When asked if he felt he was not to blame, the four-time world champion said: "The bottom line is that both of us didn't finish the race and today we could have had a better result - that's it. It could have been a much better day.

Both drivers visited the stewards after the incident, but no penalties were handed down as it was felt neither driver was "wholly or predominantly to blame".