Vettel names 2020 car Lucilla

Sebastian Vettel has continued the tradition of naming his Formula One cars, christening his 2020 Ferrari 'Lucilla'.

The four-time world champion confirmed the name ahead of this weekend's Australian Grand Prix, the opening race of the 2020 season. The German uses an annual preseason meal with his mechanics to settle on the name for the coming year.

"I think it fits in many ways," Vettel said on Wednesday. "I'm not disclosing all the inspirations that were on the table and all the names that were suggested! But there's a bit of fun behind it.

"So let's see if Lucilla is behaving well this year."

Vettel's practice of naming his cars has become a popular one with fans and stretches back to his first full season on the grid, 2008. That year Vettel claimed a shock maiden win at the Italian Grand Prix in a Toro Rosso he had named Julie.

Vettel moved to Red Bull the following year and had two different RB5 chassis during the year, dubbed Kate and Kate's Dirty Sister.

He won his four titles with Luscious Liz/Randy Mandy (2010), Kinky Kylie (2011), Abbey (2012) and Hungry Heidi (2013). His final year with Red Bull saw him drive the winless Suzie.

Since joining Ferrari in 2015, his cars have taken on a more Latin flavour, named Eva, Margherita, Gina, Loria and Lina. However, he has failed to guide any of his red cars to a championship.