Matthew Berry's all Love, no Hate for fantasy football's Week 7 Bye-mageddon

They don't happen often but when they do, they're usually great.

I'm talking about communal experiences. Moments when so many of us are experiencing the same thing, at the same time. Reacting in real time to something new, something where we don't know the ending.

The Super Bowl. The last episode of "Game of Thrones." That time every day on Twitter when someone says something stupid.

This week, it's a moment happening in fantasy football.

It's a weird thing because, while fantasy football is built on community, it's really micro communities. Leagues of all sizes. Groups of people on social media, message boards or the Scott Fish Bowl. People who play a specific style of game, like high stakes, best ball or dynasty. Fans of a particular website, app or podcast.

But it almost never happens for the entire fantasy community. We are many, many millions strong, and the things we disagree on are the things that makes fantasy football great. Differences of opinions about players, strategy and styles of play set us apart from one another, no matter how much we all love this game we play and appreciate our fellow men, women and children who play with us.

Sure, we can all have individual requests for a #MondayNightMiracle or marvel at the greatness that is Derrick Henry, but with different teams, matchups and interests, we rarely see eye-to-eye.

Except this week.

This week, and maybe only this week, we are all in this together.

Week 7, 2021. Since the advent of the internet, this is the worst week ever to play fantasy football.