England World Cup song by Freddie Flintoff to tune of 'Rasputin' is... interesting

Just when you were feeling ever so slightly positive about the England national team heading into a World Cup for the first time in decades, an unofficial tournament "anthem" comes along to dash all that good will in one fell swoop.

At the behest of a poker website, former cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has joined forces with Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson to create an absolute stinker of an England World Cup song.

Lifting heavily from a Boney M classic, "Rasputin Rebooted" is loosely dedicated to Harry Kane, "England's greatest goal machine."

Absolutely atrocious stuff.

And now, through no fault of their own, we sincerely hope England are well and truly pulverised by every opponent they face out in Russia this summer.

Sorry lads. Blame Freddie.

Besides, ESPN FC's own Exploding Heads have recorded a far superior anthem for England's campaign in Russia.