Liverpool defender Andy Robertson reveals brilliant text convo with Jurgen Klopp over Scotland captaincy

When Andy Robertson revealed to Jurgen Klopp that he'd been made Scotland captain, the Liverpool manager's response was... well, pretty much exactly what you'd imagine.

At the age of just 24, Robertson was handed the armband back in September in the wake of Scott Brown's (second) international retirement a few months previous.

Of course, brimming with pride, the left-back text Klopp to let him know before the Scottish FA made the news public.

Talking to Open Goal, Robertson described the precise turn of events.

"I texted him saying, 'Just so you know, I'm getting the captaincy." It was just out of respect because I didn't want him finding out from someone else."

"I said, 'Gaffer, thanks very much for everything you've done, I'm going to be Scotland captain, I hope it can be a success' - all that sort of stuff.

"And then he just texted back in big capital letters: 'YOU ARE THE REAL SCOTTISH BRAVEHEART NOW! I gave him a thumb emoji and he gave me the wee dance emoji. Brilliant. That sums him up."

Frankly we'd expect nothing less!

The only way the exchange could be improved would be for it to have happened face to face, if only because hearing Klopp say 'the real Scottish Braveheart' in his buoyant German accent would by a joy for all the senses.